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What are Deadbolts?

A deadbolt is an extremely common type of lock that typically works as a secondary lock on a door to provide support and extra security to a primary lock.

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What are Mortise Locks?

A mortise lock is a complicated mechanism made of many intricate parts. The body of the lock is the hole or pocket in the door that houses the lock.

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What is a Touch Bar?

Touch bars are typically found in commercial settings. Often times the outermost door to a building will have a touch bar that allows people to simply push the door open.

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What are Electronic Locks?

Electric strike locks are a type of electronic lock that functions much like an electronic version of a mechanical lock. An electronic device regulates access instead of a physical key in this case.

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What are Knob Locks?

Single cylinder knob locks are one of the most common types of locks found in residential situations. Because of their ease of use, these locks are often found at the primary entrance to a home.

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Types of Kitchen Countertops

Laminate is perfect for the homeowner who has decided to scale down the kitchen renovation budget. Laminate is a great way to incorporate lovely countertops at a more convenient price.

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