Top Exterior Paint Colors

Classic colors are classic for a reason … they simply never go out of style. And, when it comes to the upcoming season’s biggest exterior paint colors, one of the biggest trends is going back to basics.

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Exterior Accent Colors

White with black and red, and any variation on it is one big trend. Some other tricolor schemes that show up in traditional styles is soft yellows matched with whites and blacks, soft blues combined with whites and reds, and softer grays with whites and d

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Painting the Front Door

Painting your front door is just about the easiest and least time-consuming way of transforming your home. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a house that stands out from the rest on your block?

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Painting the Garage

Painting the garage is perhaps one of the simplest and least time-consuming home improvement projects there is. And it’s one of the most effective at protecting the rest of your property

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Exterior House Painting

Naturals are still making a big splash and have been for years now. The difference this year is the intriguing combo of naturals, especially soft greens, combined with soft metallics.

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Types of Lighting for Pools

Installing the right kind of lighting around your pool is as important as the pool itself. Just like inside your home, lack of lighting, or the wrong types of lighting, can be dangerous. Couple tha…

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Modern Paint Colors | Interior Design Questions

The trending color for modern and contemporary house paint is a rather unlikely hue – it is gray.

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