Choosing the right flowers for your garden

When choosing the right flowers for your garden it is a good idea to look at the color, height, blooming season, and placement of the flowers in making your decision. It’s a good idea to not chose too many flowers of the same color, size, or type as well as it would be a good idea to not choose enough flowers of the same color, size and type. Your flower garden should be one that you could maintain with ease, and one that is of balance.

Many choose perennial, annual flowers, mum plants, shade plants, and climbing plants. Mum and shade plants can handle different soil types, if you don’t have tons of time on your hands or the budget to adjust the pH of your soil then these would be a good choice for your flower garden.

In regards to placement, many factors play a part in your flower garden. Will you need flowers that grow better in shade or flowers that thrive in the sun? Are you placing your flowers in a circular flower bed or along a wall? For example, in a circular flower bed it may work best for a taller flower to be placed in the middle to flow onward upon the shorter flowers. Your flower garden may, also, look best if you place your flowers by color to create a colorful pattern that is visually stimulating from all angles versus just planting a bunch of flowers in the circular flower bed just to look a mess.

Another factor of great importance is a flowers blooming season. If all of your flowers bloom in spring, then you have a pretty bare garden during other seasons. Planning your flower garden according to the flowers blooming season while considering the other key factors listed, will create a beautiful flower garden year round.

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