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Things to consider about house painting

There are many factors to consider when painting your home. Many of the factors in painting your home include the location that painting is needed, the color you chose to paint your home, the technique you will use in painting your home, and deciding if you will hire a professional or if you will do it yourself. Each of these factors is very important and is important for many different reasons
Location plays an important role in deciding how you will get started. Are you painting the interior, exterior, or both? If you’re painting the interior of your home, which room you will be painting, what is the size of room, and how does this location meet different mood and lighting elements. Paint often sets the mood for that room or when arriving to your home.

Color is of great importance when painting your home. Use a color wheel to pick colors that will compliment each other. AS mentioned before lighting plays an important factor, different hues dependant on night time, sunshine, or the lighting available call for different paint colors for your home. A bedroom should be a calming color like blue or green. Family rooms should bring about a form of positive energy best displayed with bright colors like orange, red, or yellow.

What technique will you use in painting your home? Rag rolling, this is a method used with rags that are a like in color to make a beautiful affect usually upon your interior walls. A popular method is sponge painting, this is pretty self explanatory. Stippling is another example of a painting technique often used, this is a method often made by vertical lines with a paint brush, often used on panels.

Will you be hiring a professional to ensure painting is done properly and beautifully? There is nothing worse then looking at a home that was not painted properly. A job done without using proper methods can look unprofessional. Hiring a professional is best because it leaves out room for error and comes with a warranty. Painting your home should be a worry free experience, if you don’t know what you’re doing, worry less and hire an expert.

Affordable mortgage through VA loan

  • Guest post By, Kevin KaiserKevin Kaiser works with VA Mortgage Center, helping to provide VA loans for veterans and military members, he has done this for over a year.

    After all they have done to serve our country, veterans deserve some service in return. VA loans were created to serve those who have served. Flexible and financially beneficial, VA loans turn houses into homes for veterans across the country.

    The program offers huge benefits to eligible veterans. The loans are backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, so approved VA loan lenders have much more flexibility when preparing their loans. The biggest advantage that stems from this is that there are no down payments. The loan limit is $417,000 for most parts of the country (higher in more expensive areas), which means veterans can buy a home of that price without putting down a single dollar.
    With VA loans, veterans enjoy lower monthly payments as well. This saves borrowers substantial amounts of money. Other VA loan benefits include:

    • Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is not required
    • Loan interest rates are generally .5%-1% lower than those of conventional loans
    • Sellers can pay up to 6 percent of closing costs and concessions
    • Borrowers face no penalties for prepaying on their loans

    VA loans are open only to certain veterans, however. To be eligible for a VA loan, you must have done one of the following:

    • Served 181 days during peacetime
    • Served 3 months during wartime
    • Served 6 years in the Reserves or National Guard
    • Be the spouse of someone who died in service

    Overall, the lending rules and qualification measures are much more lenient than conventional loans simply because VA loans are backed by the government. This allows veterans with lower credit and higher debt to income ratio to still qualify for loans. 8 out of 10 VA loan borrowers could not have qualified for a conventional loan, demonstrating how much VA loans really do help veterans.

    Once you qualify and have your certificate of eligibility, what can you use your VA loan for? You can use it to buy, build, repair, refinance, alter, or improve a home. You can also use it to refinance certain existing loans (VA-guaranteed or direct) or buy a farm residence. As long as the loan is used towards your primary residence and you do not use it to buy land or investment properties, you are good to go.

    VA loans are clearly meant to help veterans become homeowners. Every veteran deserves to have a home to call their own, and VA loans are there to help this become a reality.

  • Going Green with Your Ideal Bathroom

    These days, an ideal home or bathroom is generally one that is comfortable, money-saving, and energy efficient. Green remodeling is growing in popularity, and just because you want to save the environment doesn’t mean you can’t have great style at affordable prices. Going green saves more money in the long run for you, your family, and the world.

    Here are a few great ways to create your ideal bathroom with water and energy-saving techniques. Approach your renovation with an open mind and you are sure to come up with creative results.

    Bath Tubs

    When it comes to designing your ideal bathroom, many people focus on installing a luxurious bath tub. Whether you are hoping for an antique look with a crow’s footed tub, or a modern Jacuzzi, you are certain to spend a lot of time in your brand new tub. Consider installing a highly insulated tub. This will allow you to use water at a lower temperature without it cooling off too much before you are done with your bath. There are many types of replacement bathtubs that will appeal to your green lifestyle and your interior design.


    The first step for showers is to install a low-flow shower head. Most showers dispel anywhere from 15-25 gallons for every FIVE MINUTES. A luxuriously relaxing 20 minute shower can use 100 gallons of water. That is enough water to keep a person’s thirst satisfied for over 200 days. Low-flow shower heads not only cut that number in thirds, but they are also softer on the skin and bath interior. Before doing any bathroom shower remodeling, make sure you have it installed by professionals to prevent leaks which will waste water as well.


    Consider taking the green route for your countertop with a mosaic of recycled materials. Broken glass countertops are very unique and trendy these days, and are sealed with materials that are very easy to clean. You can also get completely blended recycled glass materials for a more traditional look with attractive reflections.

    Low-Flow Toilets

    Making your bathroom water-wise is one of the biggest money savers. Normal toilets flush at least 3 gallons per flush (GPF), and low-flow toilets are able to cut that number in almost half with about 1.6 GPF. This is a significant decrease, and installing a low-flow toilet is only a little pricier than a traditional toilet. The savings in water costs will quickly catch up to the price difference.


    Many people don’t realize how much water is used by simply doing a thorough job washing their hands or brushing their teeth. A great way to eliminate this extra water usage is to install a faucet aerator; they add air to the water before it leaves the faucet. This increases the size of the water drops, and they clean your hands and brush your teeth just as effectively, while saving lots of water.


    The bathroom ventilation you choose can make a huge difference on your comfort levels. If you live in a cooler climate, you want to have excellent forms of insulation to make for a much more comfortable entrance and exit into your steamy bath or shower. If you live in a warmer climate, operable windows can be your salvation on warm days. This will also help you manage the temperature of your bathroom free of cost, with huge energy savings.

    For more examples of replacement bath and shower systems, check out Luxury Bath at

    How not to pick a bad contractor; how to pick a good contractor

    Hiring a contractor in confidence is quite rewarding. When you hire a contractor and you know what to look for usually the outcome is pretty good. Not only does the work that needed to be done look professional but the process is that much more stress free.
    10 tips in picking a good contractor
    1. Don’t hire an unlicensed contractor – According to Huntington Homes unlicensed contractors don’t pay into Workers compensation and that’s why their able to undercut the contractors who have their license. If they get hurt, you pay the fat bill.
    2. Don’t pick a contractor based on price – quality is important and you don’t want to be stuck with an unprofessional job.
    3. Ask around – you want to work with a contractor that is recommended by others. Try asking your local lumberyard.
    4. Interview your prospective contractor – you will be working closely together with your contractor, make sure you two have great rapport.
    Check references – Sometimes you can see past work your prospective contractor has done, this can help you a great deal just judging their past work. A great example for a reference page can be found at commercial shading projects page.
    5. Do your homework – Check out your prospective contractor by checking into the Contractors State License Board. Make sure their Legit.
    6. Make sure your contractor guarantees his work – Again, don’t get stuck with an unprofessional job. See for an example in a guarantee for services done.
    Be informed – make sure your contractor keep you informed. For an example on being well informed on the services being completed in your home take a peek at mold inspection page.
    7. Discuss payment options – As discussed in ‘Hiring a Contractor’ if the contractor asks for half the money up front, there is probably a problem and you may want to choose another contractor. The usual payment plan is 10 percent when the contract is signed, then three payments of 25 percent while the job is being done, and the rest is usually paid when the job is complete.
    8. Get everything in writing – make sure you have everything in writing. If something goes wrong your agreement in writing is all you have to fall back on.

    This list should help hire a good contractor. If you have any questions please ask by commenting below.

    Hiring a professional landscaper

    When you think of hiring a landscaper do you think of the basic lawn mowing, weed eating, and such? Well landscaping is much more then that, what about deck installation, a swimming pool, the design of your yard’s layout, and maybe a covered patio or an outdoor BBQ? All these wondrous works of art are all an important piece of a professional landscaper’s services.
    Some landscapers do it all, while others specialize in a piece of the landscaper’s wondrous puzzle. While one professional may do deck installations exclusively, the other may do decks, swimming pools and outdoor BBQs. You may want to hire one professional landscaping business to do it all or several professional landscapers to do the job as a whole. It is important to look at their past work in deciding how you want to distribute the work that needs to be done.
    Let’s say you got the patio and pool out the way but want to landscape the yard in a beautiful array. Maybe you would like a hill to the left with a sitting area and trail leading down to a pond or the pool that you’ve already had built. Have a professional design a beautiful layout for you and decide from there who to hire for what task.
    I prefer to use one professional landscaping contractor for all of my work that needs to be done, but at times this isn’t a good idea as noted above. Sometimes one landscaper is better in one area then the other, maybe they have more experience in a specific area or specialize in that specific task that you need completed. Many times if you don’t know who to turn to in this case, the professional landscaper may have sub contractors they work with or have recommendations for you.
    In the end, do your homework and have a plan. Make sure the plan drawn out by your landscaper best suits your needs and meets your expectations. Be reasonable in the time expected to get the work completed making sure the job is done in a professional and quality way. Following these tips will bring to you a beautiful landscaped haven and peace of mind in the end.

    Things to look for in a commercial contractor

    There isn’t a vast difference in choosing a commercial contractor but there are some key elements that you want to make sure you pay close attention to when shopping around for the right commercial contractor. Making sure that you do your research will not only give you peace of mind but will ensure a more professional job is done in the end.
    • Make sure your contractor is bonded – a bonded contractor can redo a job completely if it isn’t up to your standards
    Make sure you hire an experienced contractor like a who clean and repair window blinds for homes and businesses.
    Check Better Business Bureau for contractors listed like W.F. Painting who paints homes and businesses as well.
    • Make sure the commercial contractor you chose is a member of a national or local association
    • Learn more about subcontractors if being used – Learn what they will be doing and make sure you get their license number for your records.
    These are good tips for general contractors and commercial contractors alike. These tips are key elements in checking a commercial contractor’s ethic and experience however. Following these tips will lead you to a peace of mind in hiring a commercial contractor and bring you that much closer to a quality professional job.

    Get refreshing pure drinking water in your home

    How would you like refreshing pure drinking water in your home without all the fuss and work? Coming in from a long days work to drink a pure and refreshing treat that is hassle free is the best way to unwind and relax. How about offering your employees the best and purest water available without all the fuss of bottled water coolers? AquaFresca offers several drinking water systems by offering you bottle less water coolers, pure filtered water systems, and filtered water systems. These options are available to those in New Jersey and New York, and the options available are eco-friendly and hassle free.

    AquaFresca brings to you a healthier drinking option, the purest water! In offering several options for pure water without the fuss of plastic bottles we hope that more NJ and NY residence will chose a healthier option and drink more water, not just any water but pure and refreshing water! With the plastic bottles alternative our drinking water systems nj or drinking water systems ny should make drinking water simplified, enjoyable, and hassle free.

    State of the art equipment is how we can bring to you the purest water around. Pure Touch Dispense, Microprocessor Control, Activated Oxygen Injection and ATS – Auto Tank Sanitization equipment makes our water purest and helps make this healthy option of pure water hassle free and bottle free. NY or NJ residence can take advantage of this state of the art water system! Sit back, have a glass, and enjoy!