Going Green with Your Ideal Bathroom

These days, an ideal home or bathroom is generally one that is comfortable, money-saving, and energy efficient. Green remodeling is growing in popularity, and just because you want to save the environment doesn’t mean you can’t have great style at affordable prices. Going green saves more money in the long run for you, your family, and the world.

Here are a few great ways to create your ideal bathroom with water and energy-saving techniques. Approach your renovation with an open mind and you are sure to come up with creative results.

Bath Tubs

When it comes to designing your ideal bathroom, many people focus on installing a luxurious bath tub. Whether you are hoping for an antique look with a crow’s footed tub, or a modern Jacuzzi, you are certain to spend a lot of time in your brand new tub. Consider installing a highly insulated tub. This will allow you to use water at a lower temperature without it cooling off too much before you are done with your bath. There are many types of replacement bathtubs that will appeal to your green lifestyle and your interior design.


The first step for showers is to install a low-flow shower head. Most showers dispel anywhere from 15-25 gallons for every FIVE MINUTES. A luxuriously relaxing 20 minute shower can use 100 gallons of water. That is enough water to keep a person’s thirst satisfied for over 200 days. Low-flow shower heads not only cut that number in thirds, but they are also softer on the skin and bath interior. Before doing any bathroom shower remodeling, make sure you have it installed by professionals to prevent leaks which will waste water as well.


Consider taking the green route for your countertop with a mosaic of recycled materials. Broken glass countertops are very unique and trendy these days, and are sealed with materials that are very easy to clean. You can also get completely blended recycled glass materials for a more traditional look with attractive reflections.

Low-Flow Toilets

Making your bathroom water-wise is one of the biggest money savers. Normal toilets flush at least 3 gallons per flush (GPF), and low-flow toilets are able to cut that number in almost half with about 1.6 GPF. This is a significant decrease, and installing a low-flow toilet is only a little pricier than a traditional toilet. The savings in water costs will quickly catch up to the price difference.


Many people don’t realize how much water is used by simply doing a thorough job washing their hands or brushing their teeth. A great way to eliminate this extra water usage is to install a faucet aerator; they add air to the water before it leaves the faucet. This increases the size of the water drops, and they clean your hands and brush your teeth just as effectively, while saving lots of water.


The bathroom ventilation you choose can make a huge difference on your comfort levels. If you live in a cooler climate, you want to have excellent forms of insulation to make for a much more comfortable entrance and exit into your steamy bath or shower. If you live in a warmer climate, operable windows can be your salvation on warm days. This will also help you manage the temperature of your bathroom free of cost, with huge energy savings.

For more examples of replacement bath and shower systems, check out Luxury Bath at LuxuryBath.com.

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  1. Very helpful tips and unique ideas for styling a bathroom. I can already imagine a bathroom design that’s eco-friendly and creative! Great Post!


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