Choosing a fireplace Screen

This is a guest post by, Cynthia Taylor-Beacham

Cynthia is a freelance writer, blogger, e-book writer; she also edits and proofreads documents and novels.

The focal point of any fireplace can be beautiful stained-glass fireplace screen; with the fire flickering through the elegant screen it will create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.


You can make your room look more beautiful with the perfect fireplace screen that just fits into your home décor. A stain glass fireplace screen is made up of several pieces of stained glass or decorative glass to make a complete panel. The choice of designs and colors are many and varied, from a flowery vista to a holiday theme.


The complete screen can consists of more than one panel hinged together, such as a three panel or a four panel screen. Each panel is encased in steel or iron and is then connected with adjustable hinges to make up the whole.


One thing you have to decide on when choosing a fireplace screen, do you want it to be just decorative or functional as well.  It is important to choose the screen its exact purpose you wish to use it. Placing a fireplace screen that is designed to be only decorative it will not be able to withstand the heat from the fireplace. Many of the fireplace screens that are decorative you will find are also handcrafted with the specific purpose of being only decorative.  So read the labels or ask the vendor whether the screen can be usable in front of a fire.


Before you purchase your screen it is a good idea to measure your fireplace, using a tape measure, measure both height and width of the hearth area, that is, the fireplace opening.  When you have the measurement of the fireplace opening then you need to add on an additional twelve inches to the width and five inches to the height, these measurements should be sufficient to cover the fireplace opening. Beautiful stained-glass fireplace screen will give you years of pleasure if well looked after.

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