Interior Design Trends for Women

Decorative Details

Decorative Details in Bathroom Decor

With the current economic climate, many people are choosing home remodeling projects over purchasing and moving to a new location. Women are making a move toward some interesting design trends that offer a great level of comfort with an element of elegance and luxury. They enjoy expressing themselves with unique color combinations and exciting ideas for interior design and decorating. The latest interior design trends allows for a lot of freedom and creativity. New color schemes allow for the use of bright and dark colors that once were taboo in the home decorating scene. There are several feminine trends worth talking about.

Adding Texture to Color

Women prefer some of the more luxurious colors such as ruby, sapphire, exotic shades of coral or emerald. To add the element of elegance means using ivory, silver, light gray or soft browns to compliment. For adding texture to a feminine design scheme, silky fabrics, or luxurious wool can be incorporated into the interior design. Another way to add some texture into an elegant feminine design is by using various accessories that use polished natural stone, shiny plastic or metal or wooden items that may add an element of charm to the décor.

Lighting Options

Today’s woman has many alternatives for providing light in an area. She may opt to use chandeliers with an elegant theme, while a standard favorite remains mirrored tiles. Large mirrors are still in but they are not the only thing that reflects light and brightens up a room. Wallpaper designs that use sliver details or crystal designs can also reflect light in the room and are some of the current design trends for women.

The Comeback of Patterns

One interior design element that seems to be making a comeback is patterns. Furnishings are using colorful patterns in their design and they can be simply stunning set against a white background. But fabrics are not the only way to display beautiful, colorful patterns. Wall coverings are beginning to move toward both small and large floral patterns on white backdrops. One of the latest trends in feminine design is to use vintage prints which use bold colors and patterns. Creativity is not stifled as it is now considered trendy to combine stripes and floral designs which can bring a geometric array of textures and colors to the décor. Keep in mind that patterns in today’s modern interior design may be inspired by culture or folklore.

Minimalists Design

We are also seeing a trend that is incorporating some of the African influence. Black and white is still classic and very popular especially with the new minimalist approach to interior decorating. The good thing about the use of black and white is that virtually any color can add a splash here and there. Pinks, vibrant yellows, bold blues or purples can add the perfect touch to this black and white background. Geometrics are largely incorporated into choices for today’s women.

Is Pink still in?

When we think of women and interior design it seems thoughts fluctuate between soft shades of pink and hot pink. While pink is still making somewhat of a comeback a recent poll indicates that it is not the favorite color used by women in interior design. Polls indicate that women prefer blues, greens and purples over all the other colors when decorating and designing their homes. The least favorite colors for women were more neutral colors: gray, brown and orange. As a general rule they may use interior design projects which incorporate the cooler colors and then compliment them with a light gray or other neutral color. The choice of cooler colors means a resurgence of colors such as turquoise and teal.

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