Top Paint Colors for 2013

Color Trends in Paint

Trending Neutral Shades

Color trends change from year to year as homes go for more modern looks. Many of the coming year’s home remodeling projects will certainly incorporate new interior painting color schemes. One reason that changes are in order is that many colors that used to be taboo are now very popular in interior design. The outlook appears to include bold and bright colors, some as part of the primary décor and other may use it to accent or compliment. Here are some of the main paint colors that are expected to be popular in 2013.

Painting the Town Red

Red is a very warm color and is generally a good attention-getter. The newest interior design trends are incorporating a regal or a stable red and then complimenting it with black. Red is also a strong color and has a wide variety of appealing shades. For instance deep maroon or wine are perfect for the kitchen design and dark greens can yield a rich look. Oranges can be included as a red or a yellow depending on the exact shade. Darker oranges can be great to use in a retro décor or a rustic look. One of the newer favorites is to use a light shade of peach with cream or white to yield a soft look in a bathroom or other rooms.

Yellow Goes Mainstream

Yellow used to be only for accents and can still be considered a neutral color depending on the exact shade. It is a rather versatile color and can compliment most room’s décor nicely. Dark yellows such as mustard can be a perfect color in the kitchen design and many colors go with it to create a healthy environment. Gold is one of the new colors for the modern bedroom design and several colors are very complimentary and help encourage the royal feeling the room can have.

Blues Still Popular

Various shades of blue may be some of the most basic colors that have stood the test of time. Actually, there are many shades of blue that continue to be popular. Navy blue is one of the latest colors that is being used in interior painting projects, for walls, accents or trim. For a great rich environment try combining cobalt blue with white. Turquoise is a blue that has been used in the Southwest décor for years but is now being incorporated into other designs and styles. Azure and periwinkle are expected to be very popular color choices in the next year.

Don’t Forget the Neutrals

Neutrals such as grays, whites and blacks are still very popular. Some of the creamier neutrals are anticipated to move toward shades of green and some of the stone like grays will be combined with dark colors. Some of the middle toned neutrals will likely start phasing out and darker neutrals will be used broadly. Many neutral colors will be created by adding light blues or greens to base neutrals to give them a hint of color without being overbearing.

Combining it All

Color trends are likely to be more solid in the coming years. Former trends in interior design meant that a color was “in” and then before you knew it; it was “out” once again. Color schemes are going to hang around for longer periods of time. Another way that colors will be used to add interest to the décor will be to layer them. Instead of just using one color in a specific area interior design is going to lean toward more creative expressions. Stripes are in, and kitchen drawers may be painted in complimentary, bolder colors. It will be best in the world of interior design – to expect the unexpected!

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