Top Interior Paint Colors

Interior Paint in Blue

Interior Paint in Blue

Paint color is one of the most important considerations a homeowner may face when doing any type of home remodeling project. A room’s color is one of the most significant elements of interior design. The color used for interior painting can help create a particular mood for an area, add warmth to the room or help create the illusion of a larger or smaller space. There are some interior painting colors that seem to be regular favorites for homeowner’s home remodeling projects.

Standard White

White is so versatile that it can be used in virtually any situation. It has the effect of making a room seem lighter and can be used in almost any interior design scheme. It is complimentary of almost every decorating style and can also help rooms seem larger. Not only can it add light and freshness to a room but it is a favorite paint color for hotter climates or summer months as it can help the occupants feel cooler. Although white is a standard favorite, the disadvantage is that it can make a room feel too sterile or uninviting. However, it is a versatile color and this can be remedied by adding a small hint of color to it before painting. A small amount of red, blue, green or yellow can soften its starkness and provide just enough color to improve the interior design of the room.

Light Brown

A soft light brown is one of the latest in today’s color trends for interior design. Unlike white, it does not give the illusion of a larger space. This makes light brown a great choice for larger areas. It can add a hint of warmth to a room, or it can add a masculine touch. Lighter browns are complimented by many different colors and work well with a wide variety of color schemes. It’s a great color to balance out either blues or pinks.

Stunning Yellows

There are several of the warmer colors that are fast becoming new favorites for interior painting projects. Yellow is growing in popularity and generally helps create an atmosphere of warmth and happiness. It is used a lot of times for bathrooms and kitchens. There are a few yellows that are kitchen design favorites such as bold mustard yellow, or a muted yellow; sunflower yellow is also gaining in popularity. Each has their own special visual effect and can be used with a wide variety of complimentary colors.  Yellow is a great color to use in smaller quantities along with other colors for a nice effect.

Shades of Red

Red is also becoming a new favorite. Some shades of red can be vibrant and are generally used for smaller areas to add an accent of color. Red is a very versatile color and can be adjusted by adding other colors. This makes it an excellent choice for many interior design projects. Deep reds such as maroon or wine are frequently used as part of a kitchen’s décor and work well with many decorating styles. Adding a touch of blue, white or yellow can completely change red and transform the room’s appearance.

Reliable Blue

Blues remain a standard favorite as well. For many years it was limited to the boy’s rooms but in today’s modern design it is used in many different settings. Dark blues can be used along with tan or light brown for a very nice decorative color combination. Navy blue or midnight blue can speak of elegance or sophistication where lighter blues can help a room seem sunny and bright. Blue is a nice color to add to white to give just a hint of color to the walls.

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