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Neutral Paint Colors

The whole exterior design of a home can be changed simply by using a new exterior paint color in your next home remodeling project. Color trends change over time and yet there are some colors that remain standards in exterior home design. Color schemes can change according to the neighborhood, home design, homeowner’s preference or just the current trends. Colors for exterior painting can also change according to whether or not the house is to be appraised and put back on the market. Here are some of the most used color trends in exterior design today.

Basic White

It seems like white has been a favorite forever and not without good cause. White can help a home look brighter and larger. It can help brighten up the home when it is surrounded by shade trees. It is probably the most versatile color as virtually any color will go with it. Trim is usually painted a dark hue like classic black, navy blue or hunter green. White goes with literally every color which is one of its features that have kept it in the favorite category for many years and will likely do so for many more.

Neutral Paint Colors

Neutral colors are all around good choices in today’s exterior design. They are very versatile and experts agree that when selling a neutral is a safer color for exterior painting projects. Shades of gray, beige, cream or tan are some of the most popular exterior paint color. Trim is generally painted in standard white for a stunning effect. Sometimes varying neutral tones can be used on the larger outdoor portions and the trim. Some neutral colors that work well for this are light gray for the large portions and black, dark blue or dark gray for the trim. Neutral colors are generally the best choices if a home is being put back onto the market.

Colors of Nature

Using various colors found in nature can be complimentary of a home depending on the location. Sandy browns or beige are excellent colors to use on a home’s exterior. Lighter nature based colors can offer some flavor without being overbearing. Colors like a very light shade of green or a light lemon yellow can be complimentary. Standard white may be used for trim but other light colors such as a very light gray can work well with natural colors. Don’t be afraid to darken up the trim when the house is painted in lighter shades of green or yellow. Maroon or dark gray can also be complimentary.

Dark Colors

There are a few dark colors on the palette that may work well for the home’s exterior painting project. Whether or not darker colors may work for the exterior will depend largely on the home’s exterior design and style. Some of the darker colors that are popular with homeowners include gray, olive green, charcoal, darker blues or brown. Usually, trim is done in lighter shades of the same base color, cream or white. Lighter shades of complimentary neutral colors are generally acceptable as well.

Choosing Color Combinations

Finding just the right balance in color combinations can be the key to the home’s exterior design. In general, homeowners tend to prefer a dark color with a lighter color combination. This is aesthetically appealing to most people. White is an excellent choice for trim and smaller areas, but it is not the best choice to use with lighter colors. When white is used with other extremely light colors it can end up having a dulling effect and make the house look very bland. Always remember to keep in mind the exterior design and style of the home when selecting exterior paint colors.


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  1. Posted by Sonia on December 14, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of painting my home deep brick red, after taking a trip to Central America. Not sure how this might affect my home’s resale value, but I know I’d enjoy it!


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