How to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

Deadbolt lock

Deadbolt lock via Flickr: karindalziel

The safety of your family and your valuables mainly depend upon the security of your home. If your home is secure, your family can live peacefully. But if it lacks even the most basic safety measures like locks and gates, your home can catch the attention of burglars and thieves. As a homeowner and/or parent, it is your responsibility to keep intruders out of your humble abode. But how does one keep intruders out of their home? Here are the best security measures you can employ.

Before citing any home safety and security measures, let’s first discuss why you need it. According to surveys, a burglar breaks into a household in the U.S. every 15 seconds and robs an average $1,700 worth of cash or items. But the troubles do not end here. After getting robbed, most victims enter the state of trauma and lose peace of mind for a considerable period of time. This ultimately leads to the degradation of quality of life. While these facts are utterly scary and troubling, it should serve as a motivator for homeowners to increase their efforts and participation in home security.

Now, back to the main discussion, how do you protect your home, family, and valuables?

Install alarm systems – This is perhaps the simplest strategy to employ. Alarms don’t necessarily stop burglars and thieves from breaking into your home. Yet when used properly, alarm systems will make your home a less favorable target. When a thief knows you have an alarm working for you, he/she will most likely be discouraged to target your home. By installing alarms in your household, you not only get added security but also some peace of mind when traveling out of town.

Check and replace locks – If you just moved to a new house, make sure you check the locks. If your locks need replacing, consider doing it immediately. There are different types of locks on the market, but the ones you should least consider are spring-latch locks, as they can be easily broken into. Look for quality deadbolts instead. Deadbolt Locks defy any forced entries, and only becomes vulnerable when there is sufficient spacing between the frame and door that the intruder can break into using power tools.

Avoid taking any chances – This means that you should always be certain when managing home security. If you lost your keys, replace the locks immediately. If you see that your alarm system is running out of batteries, buy a replacement immediately. If you notice any unusual behaviors within your premises, notify authorities and people you can trust. Don’t push your luck when it comes to home security.

Landscaping – Trees, shrubs, and potted plants are great for home decor indeed. However, they may also be used by burglars to hide themselves, especially at nighttime. Trees that are planted near windows can jeopardize the security of your home. Start off by regularly trimming shrubs and grass. This will disable intruders from hiding into them. For full grown trees, you can consider installing lighting near the area if tree stumping is not an option.

Place warning signs – You don’t have to keep your alarm systems a secret from burglars. Instead, warn them as early as possible to avoid any further trouble. Put warning signs of the alarm company that responds to your distress calls on the front lawn or near the door. Burglars aren’t looking for challenging jobs. They prefer an easy break-in and break-out job. They won’t perceive your warning signs as an invitation or challenge.

Install lighting in every aperture – Doors and windows should always have light, especially during nighttime. This disables the burglar’s stealth mode and enables bystanders to detect burglars as they attempt to break through your home.

Avoid showing off your items – Placing your new flat screen TV near the window can expose it to the eyes of potential robbers. You should always lay low and keep your valuables in areas where it is safe from outdoor sight. This will help minimize the “steal-from-us” meter.

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