Commercial Remodeling Versus Residential Remodeling

Kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodeling

There are many similarities between residential and commercial remodeling projects. They both can be performed to improve the looks of the structure, or make the building more energy efficient. Some of the same types of tasks can be completed in both types of projects such as painting, replacing flooring, installing plumbing fixtures or bathroom remodeling. But there are also some key differences between commercial remodeling and residential remodeling.

Types of Businesses

Even though houses vary in style and size, they all have very similar home remodeling projects that can be done. Commercial remodeling is very different in many cases as there are many different types of businesses. Just think about the different remodeling needs that a restaurant might require versus what a healthcare facility would need.

Painting Projects

A home remodeling project that involves interior or exterior house painting generally has the goal of the owner in mind. They can choose the color they prefer and one that matches the interior design of the home with no regard to how anyone else may feel about it. But a commercial remodeling painting project will have to consider the message being sent to customers. A restaurant will use cool colors to help their clientele relax, and a fast food restaurant needs bright and bold colors to help stimulate everyone to hurry on through. Other businesses will need to choose colors that match their logo and that help send the appropriate message to customers.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is very different for the business than the homeowner. The homeowner will be concerned with making the room comfortable and conducive to morning grooming and bathing. A commercial bathroom remodeling project will concentrate on convenience. They will want to make it easy for individuals to get in, take care of business and get out. There is not usually the need for a shower or bathing facility; but they will usually need multiple stalls. They will also need hand washing facilities including sinks, soap and paper towel dispensers.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is a tricky area to remodel no matter what the location. The home will incorporate practicality, paint colors and comfort into the interior design. A residential kitchen remodeling project will depend largely on the type of facility. In a commercial kitchen setting it is important to update equipment and meet the proper standards and codes that are required. Specialized equipment must be installed so that it can be used efficiently as a business will be very aware of how quickly crew members can accomplish tasks. Industrial size hooded vents are typically installed over cooking areas and industrial sized dishwashers may need to be updated or installed.

Flooring Options

Remodeling projects that involve replacing flooring are very different for the commercial facility than they are for residential properties. Residential properties will focus largely on style, preference and durability. But commercial remodeling projects that involve flooring will be somewhat concerned with at least being stylish but it will have to be able to stand up to lots of traffic and frequent cleaning. This may eliminate certain types of carpets, or natural wood flooring options that are preferred in the home.

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