Modern Interior Design Tips


Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Modern interior design has a very clean, minimalistic appearance. Some tend to assume that it is very easy design work because of the use of simple patterns. But it can be very difficult to find just the right balance in the use of functional elements to achieve the modern style. Interior design can sometimes be harder to implement. The trouble comes when we imagine a really good idea, and then try to make it actually happen. Once you get started you realize that there are lots of different aspects to interior design. There are a few tips that can help take some of the confusion out of the process.

Don’t Overdo

Overdoing the decorations is one of the first problems you may run into when doing an interior design project. It’s very easy to get all excited especially when it all starts coming together. It can also be easy to just start filling the space with lots of pieces and furnishings that you liked and thought looked interesting. In today’s modern design, less is more. It’s better to have a focal point and a few accessories rather than to have tons of decorative items that are all vying for your guest’s attention. Keep it simple. Choose a few stylish items that you really like and bring the other design elements around it.

Mix it Up

Modern interior design will incorporate the use of some pretty bold and bright colors. You may have seen designs that used tasteful splashes of yellow, orange, purple, red or lime green. These are used tastefully and usually along with black and white décor, or gray.  The solidity of gray or black balances out the flashy color and achieves a great balance. Try using some different materials together, like wood with steel. If you can achieve the perfect balance of these modern elements you can create the perfect modern design. Don’t be afraid to try some new combinations like white plaster and colored panels for accents.

The Use of Accent Pieces

While white and black is the perfect neutral combination for today’s modern interior design, it is very important to add another color into the mix. Otherwise, it can be dull or boring. It is possible to find some creative ways to add splashes of colors with various accent pieces without complicating the minimalist design. There really are infinite choices. You may incorporate some colors by adding throw pillows, rugs, wall décor, accent walls, vases, or wall paper. Search for some pieces that you really like to bring color into the décor. You really can trust your instincts while you search for things you really like. You will want to use accents to bring just the right amount of color into the modern design.


Purchasing furniture for modern interior design is simplified. You really will not use too much as you want to keep the room uncomplicated and uncluttered. It’s okay to use a boldly colored chair as a large splash of color but it’s also alright to use standard black, white and gray so that you can use splashes of colors other ways. Just remember to keep furnishing simple and geometric in design to achieve the desired interior design.

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