Living Room Design Trends

Living Room Paint

Living Room Paint

Many families spend a lot of time in the living room making it one of the most important rooms in the house. It can be a relaxing space that is welcoming to visitors and guests as well as a place the family congregates to share, watch a movie or just relax. Along with these essential purposes, it also serves as a sort of focal point of the home. There are many different interior design schemes that vary according to each person’s decorating styles and taste. But there are also several trends in interior design that we tend to see a lot of no matter what type of setting or style of living room. Here are a few of the latest trends in living room interior design.

Interior House Painting

For living room painting one trend we are seeing over and over is the use of neutral colors. While these used to be primarily whites like off-white or eggshell we are seeing more earthy neutrals like khaki, tan, gray or taupe. These neutrals make exceptional backdrops for most of the decorative pieces used in this area of the house. Using neutral colors also allows for splashes of color from various areas of the room. Using neutral colors is popular for house painting projects throughout the home as it can be complimented with an accent wall of a deeper color without making the room seem oppressive. And color can be added with the use of throw pillows, rugs or accessories.

Flooring Trends

Most homeowners are making a return to more neutral flooring options. One newer trend is to use concrete for living room flooring. This is usually colored with dye to tint it with a particular color used in the room’s color scheme. Some trends still lean toward natural wood flooring as it can be complimentary of many decors. For those who are choosing carpeting, it is generally to provide minimal texture in the room so designs are typically smooth and most are staying away from any of the bolder colors in flooring options. This allows the focus to be on areas where more color is added such as furnishings, lighting or artwork.


With the latest minimalistic trends in interior design, many pieces of furniture being used have strong geometric shapes and straight lines. Although they may be colorful, most of the major pieces are designed to be symmetrical and more rigid in shape. Many trends in furnishings are leaning toward darker colors set against the backdrop of lighter neutral colors on the walls. Color is added by the use of accessories such as pillows.

Trends in Lighting

The trend today’s living room is to provide light naturally by using windows when feasible. For those evening times, lighting sources have become floor lamps which are strategically placed. Many are using sconces, while some are using recessed ceiling lights. Lighting is not the main focal point of the room, but is used frequently to accent areas of interest, artwork, or simply provide light. Lighting has become rather subtle with the current trends and typically uses much smaller fixtures than in days gone by.

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