Best Bathroom Paint Colors

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

When we think about house painting and choosing interior paint for the smallest room in the house, the bathroom; it somehow becomes a very big problem. The smaller size of the room poses a problem as some colors can become oppressive. But there are ways to incorporate any of the homeowner’s favorite colors into the interior design of the room’s décor. Colors can evoke emotions, support the interior design scheme, or help create function in this very important room. While the homeowner may choose any color for the bathroom, there are some colors that prove to be best for the bathroom.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors work very well in this usually small room. Using varying shades can help add texture to the room without making it seem even smaller. Varying shades of beige, gray or tan are very good choices which can add some color as well as help to create a more tranquil mood. Sometimes neutral colors can give the illusion of more space and adding metal fixtures can be the perfect focal point for the room. Neutrals can also work very well when they are used along with light pastels. They are also an exceptional choice because they allow for many different options for adding some splashes of color. Neutrals are complimented by virtually any color.

Monochromatic Colors

A monochromatic color scheme will incorporate tints and shades of just one main color. As an example, interior paint can be light lavender and then an amethyst or deep ripe plum can be added to accentuate the interior design. Darker shades can be used for trim, or added through accessories. When using shades of darker colors remember that a little bit can go a long way and the room can become oppressive very easy. Use lighter shades of yellow, blue or green on larger areas like walls and darker shades in smaller areas for accent. By choosing a monochromatic scheme it allows for virtually any color to be used in the bathroom’s interior design.

Bold Colors

One of the current trends is the use of bold, bright colors in bathroom design. Primary colors red, yellow and blue have long been favorites in other parts of the house but have recently made their entrance into the bathroom design. These colors can be perfect for accenting the room but in order to keep the space light they should not be used solely on the walls or other large spaces.  These types of colors will also depend on the overall style of the interior design. Darker blues may be perfect to add to a nautical theme. But this does not mean the entire room should be dark blue. A white that has been tinted with blue can be a great color for wall paint. Then shower curtains, towels, rugs and other accessories can be added in the darker blue so that the room does not appear to be too dark or shadowy. And of course any of the bold primary colors will work very well in a totally white bathroom.

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