Modern Bathroom Design

Bathroom tile

Bathroom tile

Interior design trends change over the years and no room in the house is exempt, not even the bathroom. Over the last few years, the bathroom’s design has changed and on one hand we want to create a clean and crisp area that also provides great functionality for us and our guests. As with most parts of the house, trends are also trimming up this room and the modern bathroom design is focusing more on functionality and greener options. This means many of the typical colors and items that used to be used in the bathroom’s interior design have been replaced with modern colors and fixtures that are economically and environmentally responsible. Here are a few interior design concepts for today’s modern bathroom design.

Return of the Tiles

One of the most popular trends in interior design in the bathroom is the use of tiles. They are typically used in isolated areas like in the shower, or on portions of the wall. Using large tiles on the floor area is still a popular choice. One very popular design choice is to use tiles that have colorful graphics printed on them for decorative purposes. This can be an excellent way to add some color into the room without it being overwhelming in the small space. Large format tiles are still very popular although many are choosing tiles that emulate different materials like wood or stone surfaces.

Storage Options

Providing adequate storage in the bathroom does not mean that style has to be compromised. Today’s interior design incorporates the modern sleek look into storage options like bathroom cabinetry. The key to balancing out functionality and the modern sleek design is to provide storage options which use the space efficiently but fit nicely into the modern design. One of today’s design trends is to use a floating vanity. This offers a touch of elegance but also makes the room appear larger while providing simple storage space for necessary bathroom items.

Let the Light Shine In

One of the main things that have changed in the modern bathroom design is that there is more light being added into the interior design. While the bathroom of the past had small windows if any at all, today’s modern design uses a lot of natural light when it is possible. When there is not adequate natural light available, modern lighting fixtures are used to brighten up this important room. Lighting is an essential element in the bathroom and fixtures have changed over the years. They are not just functional; they are stylish and make their own design statement.

New Line of Sinks

There are a plethora of styles to choose from when selecting sinks and faucets. One of the most popular design choices today is the vessel bowl. These are available in many different materials including stone, ceramic, porcelain, metal or glass.  The pedestal sink is still in, they are great space savers, but offer no storage. Wall mounted sinks are beginning to be used in many bathroom designs. But if the plumbing is not already in place it will require a bathroom remodeling project to move them to a new location on the wall. The type of sink that is chosen will largely depend on the overall décor of the room.

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