Types of Replacement Windows


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For the homeowner considering replacement windows there can be so much information that it becomes overwhelming. While it is agreed that there are many benefits from home remodeling projects which include replacement windows, trying to choose the exact window can be confusing for the Baltimore homeowner who really is not sure which one is best. There are several different types of replacement windows from which to choose including styles, frame materials and glass options. These are the main aspects that must be considered when choosing which windows will work best for your home improvement project.

Frame Materials

There are four materials that are typically used to make replacement windows for the Baltimore home. The four types of materials are aluminum, vinyl, wood and fiberglass. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum window frames are lightweight, durable and very low maintenance. Aluminum can be used to make the sashes and frames much slimmer; but it can be less aesthetic in appeal than wood. Wood windows are long lasting and durable. Wood can be adapted to almost any exterior style since they can be painted or stained to achieve the desired effect. The disadvantage to using wood frames is that it is very high maintenance and it will have to be painted frequently.

Vinyl window frames are one of the most popular types of materials used in replacement windows. It is almost maintenance free and is very durable. Vinyl is also one of the least expensive choices. Fiberglass is one of the newest materials used for replacement window frames and has not yet gained the popularity of some of the other materials. Fiberglass can be painted very easily and it is durable. However, it is also one of the most expensive choices. It does make a good long term investment in the home.

Window Styles

Just because your home has one particular type or style of window does not necessarily mean that the homeowner must use the same style in a home remodeling project. There are some cases where this is true, but many in most cases it is up to the personal preference of the homeowner. An awning window uses a crank to open to the outside portion of the house and has a special hinge at either the top or bottom to allow it to open. Casement windows swing to the outside. Both of these choices allow large amounts of light into the home and sometimes they have a little better seal than double hung styles. Double hung replacement windows do not need the outside clearance issues that the awning or casement windows may have. But they do not have as tight of a seal.

Window Glass Types

The glass used in a replacement window has a direct effect on its energy efficiency. Single pane glass is the least expensive type, but it is also not as energy efficient as double pane or triple pane glass. Double pane windows are among those that sell the best since they are a good balance between performance and cost. Triple panes are the most efficient but they are also the most costly choice. There are also glass choices which include an e-coating which helps reflect harmful UV rays.

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  1. Posted by rittu on February 14, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    It is truly overwhelming to choose what type of window to replace with. I think to choose energy efficient window and spend a little more is worth it in the long run. This blog has great information. thanks


  2. […] The summer months can be unbearable in many areas while in other areas such as Baltimore it may be mild. Spring can be mild in southern states but may still be cold in the north. Even though the climatic influence will depend on a specific region, spring and summer has another disadvantage; everyone else may have the same idea. In many areas spring is the optimal time to work on house renovations and scheduling could be a problem. A homeowner could end up on a lengthy waiting list which would mean they might have to wait until a much later date to install energy efficient windows. […]


  3. In this modern world, you can find more number of replacement window methods and styles. Ensure the proper design and color to suit your home with the existing color.


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