Benefits of energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

Proper maintenance is important to protecting the investment that has been made in a home. Various types of home remodeling projects such as purchasing replacement windows is a way to extend this investment and protect the value of the home. Over the last few years there have been many improvements made to replacement windows in general so that there are many advantages to taking on this type of home improvement project. There can be many benefits for the Silicon Valley home that extends beyond simply protecting the initial investment.

Aesthetic Improvements

Replacement windows are available in many different styles and designs so it is easy for the Silicon Valley homeowner to choose a style that is complimentary of the exterior design of the home. Different materials used for frame construction can offer a variety of style statements to the home and improve the home’s curb appeal greatly. They also improve the interior aesthetics of a room. Replacement windows are constructed of high quality materials and can greatly improve the overall aesthetics of the home.

Protect the Home’s Contents

You may not think that glass could provide protection for your home. However, newer replacement windows often have a new e-coating which blocks the harmful UV rays of the sun sometimes as much as 95 percent. This means that the e-coated window protects the contents of the home from being faded by the sun’s rays. This e-coating protects furnishings, carpets, wood and even artwork from fading because of exposure to the sun.

Reduced HVAC Costs

Energy efficient replacement windows protect the home from drafts and condensation. This translates into energy savings on monthly utility bills. But it can also mean a substantial savings for the Silicon Valley homeowner when it comes time to replace the heating and air conditioning unit. A tighter house can mean that a smaller HVAC unit is required for heating and cooling. Purchasing a smaller energy efficient unit can be less expensive than larger units. A HVAC unit will have to work less to keep the home comfortable for its occupants.

Improved Quality of Life

Energy efficient replacement windows can reduce utility bills for a homeowner. Many have multiple panes and are designed to minimize heat exchange with the outside. With improved insulation, they also block outside noise and help make the house a much quieter place to live. By helping to maintain a comfortable temperature and squelching outside noise, replacement windows help improve the overall quality of life for the home’s occupants.

Improving on a Clear View

Another benefit of installing energy efficient windows is the reduction of condensation. By maintaining a desired level of heat in the home which does not allow for heat exchange, the windows will be relatively condensation free. This will mean an improved, clearer view of the outdoors for the homeowner. This will also mean that the windows will need to be cleaned less often and that the window sills will not be exposed to moisture which can be damaging over time.

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