Bathroom Cabinet Design Options


Modern Bathroom Vanity

Modern Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom cabinets have the practical function of providing storage in this very important room. When considering a bathroom remodeling project a homeowner must consider how to provide adequate storage for toiletries and other necessities. It’s important to find the best way to organize storage options while utilizing the available space. The final choice of the homeowner will depend largely on the size of the bathroom, personal preference and what will best accommodate the storage needs. When remodeling the bathroom, homeowners can choose cabinets that match the color scheme and existing décor. Cabinets can be inexpensive and installed by the homeowner or they can choose expensive models that require a professional contractor to install properly. There are many different design options available to meet the need but in general bathroom cabinets will come in three basic designs.

Bathroom Vanity

Vanity cabinets come in a wide variety of styles. They may be small and fit into a tiny area, they could be very large with a long counter top with one or two sinks; or they may be any size in between. Vanities may contain doors, drawers, open shelves or any combination of these storage options. Most of the time, the bathroom vanity has a sink or two set in it, especially in smaller areas. But some bathrooms are large enough to incorporate a free standing sink along with a free standing vanity to provide storage. Some of the designs chosen will also depend on the plumbing and what is feasible in the area. Vanities are typically made of wood or covered with a wood veneer. Sometimes they are painted to match the décor. Cabinet doors and hardware can all be complimentary of the room’s décor.

Medicine Cabinets

A medicine cabinet is a small unit which is hung on the wall. It has a number of shelves depending on the size of the cabinet and generally is used to contain medicines and first aid type supplies. Most of the time the front contains a nicely designed bathroom mirror which is decorative in nature. Medicine cabinets are a very wise use of space, but typically only hold smaller bathroom items. Medicine cabinets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The styles can range anywhere from plain, simple and traditional to modern and elegant.

Free Standing Cabinets

There are many different types of free standing cabinets that can be used for storage in the bathroom. They can be small and sit in a corner to hold smaller items, or they may be the size of a small closet and large enough to hold bathroom linens and bath robes. They may be placed under or near the sink to hold various items and some models can be hung on the wall. Free standing bathroom cabinets can be short or tall, and they can have deep or shallow shelves that are used to hold a wide variety of bathroom related items. Some homeowners prefer to attach cabinets to the wall as part of their bathroom remodeling project. They can choose from many different finishes so that they match the room’s décor.



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