What is Modern Interior Design?

Modern design

Modern design

Modern interior design is a growing trend in today’s décor and the subject of many home remodeling projects. It is not a new type of design as it has been used in offices, homes and public areas for many years. Modern design is characterized by geometric patterns and by clean straight lines which are what is so appealing to homeowners. These features give an uncluttered look to the décor. The clean lines and simplicity offer an aesthetic style that is sleek and fashionable. Modern design is not the same thing as contemporary design which means the current shifting of trends and styles. Modern design is its own trend which has remained mostly constant over several decades.

Inspiration of Modern Design

The uncluttered geometric features of Japanese interior house designs have offered inspiration to later versions of modern interior design. Space is not ignored in the Japanese house, but rather it is considered to be very important and not to be wasted. The predominant features are function and form. For instance, a round table may be situated in the center of a room to serve two purposes, one to be easily accessed and two to create a focal point.

Shape and Form

Form is one of the elements of the modern interior design of today. Geometric shapes are a large portion of modern design and this includes the use of rigid squares or rectangles as well as smooth, even curves. Sometimes a décor will incorporate the use of circles and ovals. It is basically a very simple design. Many times it is also referred to as a minimalist décor. There are not a lot of ornamental interruptions to the flat surfaces and unbroken lines.

Types of Materials

Common materials used include plastic and wood although many times wood is painted over with opaque finishes to disguise the natural patterns of the wood. However there are some designers who prefer to use natural wood as a contrast to the artificial materials and shapes. Some of the signature materials used includes glossy metals like stainless steel which may be used in any one of a wide variety of capacities such as the body of a lamp or the legs of a chair. Sometimes designers choose to use glass or plastic because of the smooth, even surface that they provide.


Modern interior design is very organized and functional. The focus is in creating an uncluttered look using furnishings and accessories that actually serve a purpose rather than just as a decorative piece. Sleek furnishings such as modular office furniture are characteristic of this style. They have a solid geometrical shape and can be combined and stacked in a wide variety of ways. Furnishings allow for practical storage options and provide adequate seating as needed but their function fits into the décor and is part of the organizational scheme of the room. Chairs such as those designed by the German Bauhaus School are examples of simplicity as well as economy. Charles and Ray Eames also design chairs which incorporate the elements of modern architecture.

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