What is Traditional Interior Design?

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional Interior Design

Many Hartford homeowners choose to go with a traditional interior design scheme when they remodel their homes. To get a good picture of this style of décor, think about the classic European style. This type of style incorporates elements such as deep wood tones, elegant furnishings and many architectural details. Traditional styles are very versatile and can be used in combination with other design elements to develop a very unique feel to a room. One of the distinct characteristics of the traditional interior design is the lines, or the silhouettes of the furnishings that are used. Tables with claw feet and wing backed chairs are typical. Some of the pieces used in this décor are of the Chippendale or Queen Anne styles. Many Hartford designers also integrate antiques into the style. And of course, there are newer pieces which mimic the style and lines commonly seen in antiques.

Architectural Elements

The traditional interior design will use many different architectural elements as part of the décor. It is common to see intricate patterns used on wood or tile floors. Some designers use beveled wood panels or elaborate moldings as part of the décor. Frequently you will notice built-in cabinetry, arches and columns incorporated into the interior design of a room.

Wood Tones

Another key element used in the traditional décor is rich wood tones. Darker woods such as mahogany, maple and cherry are commonly used in the making of furniture pieces. Usually these woods are elegantly carved and then lacquered so that they give the sense of luxury. Wood floors are also very typical with this décor although carpets and tile flooring are used often as well.

Colors and Fabrics

Richer colors are typically incorporated into the room’s décor. Many times neutral colors are used for interior painting so that the elaborate furnishings stand out against it. Furnishings will provide rich shades of colors such as browns, blues and reds. Some of the large upholstered furnishings will also use a lot of color. Artwork and various accessories will also frequently provide plenty vibrant colors. Sometimes the fabrics used for furnishings may be solid colors but many times furnishings will provide color through the use of patterns like paisleys, damasks or floral designs. Many times these are made from expensive fabrics such as velvet, cashmere or silk.  Because of the flexibility of the style many designers prefer to use fabrics that are easier to care for such as linen or cotton. Accents such as throw pillows may be items that are used to incorporate the more expensive textiles into the décor.

Traditional Style

The traditional interior design is usually easily identified because it is seen more frequently. Even though it is an elegant design, it will place an emphasis on comfort and simplicity in the way it is laid out. Pairing of accessories and furnishings is very common so that there is a focal point which can provide a sense of symmetry. The focal point may be provided by art work, a large piece of furniture or a fireplace.


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