Traditional Interior Design Versus Modern Interior Design

Traditional Design

Traditional Design

The homeowner can consider traditional and modern styles as virtual opposites. Traditional interior design incorporates a classic look, large furnishings and plenty of color. Modern styles incorporate sleek geometric designs and an uncluttered look. Modern styles are minimalist and light with a few bold colors for accent. A traditional style will embrace a classic feel or “country” style including high ceilings, separated kitchen and living spaces. Modern styles incorporate an open feel which combines the two rooms as one with minimal lines of separation. Modern is very eclectic and minimalistic in nature.

Difference in Use of Colors

Color is important to every kind of decorating style. One of the least expensive ways to incorporate color into a room is the use of interior paint. Contemporary designs use bright and clean colors along with shades of whites or other neutral colors. Neutrals may include subtle greens, browns or beige and then pops of bright, bold colors are added in. The traditional style uses rich and luxurious colors. Deep purple, golden yellow, navy blue and hunter green are some of the deeper colors typical of the traditional décor. Accents are typically provided by dark or medium toned woods, or perhaps some floral prints. Color schemes for these two stylish decors are very different. The modern style is not afraid of bold colors that used to be considered taboo in home design. Traditional styles will always play it safe with deeper, richer colors.


There is a distinct difference between the furnishings used in the traditional design versus those used in modern interior design. Modern furnishings will use straight lines and basic colors and fabrics such as suede, microfiber, leather or vinyl. Colors are typically neutrals such as black, grays or tans. The modern design is a minimalist style and the focus will be to provide clean, simple lines and colors. Traditional furnishings are heavier in its feel and may incorporate larger patterns. The traditional décor will use intricate carvings or wood works in many of the details such as the legs, armrests or other accents. Tables may be all wood, have claw feet and possibly be antique pieces.

Use of Accents and Accessories

The contemporary or modern style takes a simplistic approach. This means that accents or accessories may be needed to add some depth to a room’s décor. A bold colored area rug or one with geometric shapes works perfectly. They sound simple enough but can work to pull the entire design together. Accessories may include a few throw pillows, small bouquets of flowers, various candles, or simple vases of glass or metal. The modern décor may make use of monotone picture frames, mirrors or clocks and other wall hangings which are simple, metal or black and white.

Traditional décor will use more complex accents. Features may include heavy wood carvings; designs using various wildlife are also very popular. A large collection of older books, perhaps leather bound is a common accessory seen in this décor. Pieces typically use large ornate decorations yielding the antique feel and using bolder colors. Tasseled pillows, old fashioned braided rugs or even Persian style rugs may be used as accessories.

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