Home Design Trends for 2013

Although there are not fast shifts in home décor, we do notice certain trends as they begin to occur. These are more of a slow move in one direction or another that happen over time, but not all at once. As last year came to a close we observed some aspects of home décor that were beginning to trend. Some decorating habits from last year will be long gone by the end of this year and many trends seem to hold on just a little while longer. Here are some of the main home design trends that we are likely to see continue throughout 2013.

Moving Outdoors

One of the most popular trends in home design this year is the increased move to create outdoor living spaces. This trend has been on the rise the last couple of years and is expected to escalate even more this year as homeowners continue to take their entertaining practices outdoors. This is a move past the traditional deck or terrace; outdoor spaces are becoming more like an extra room. Many are setting up full outdoor living rooms complete with furnishings, fire pits and even home theater and audio systems. Many homeowners have also begun to create outdoor kitchens which allows for the same ease of cooking as preparing meals indoors. Some of the most popular features include refrigerators, countertops, pizza ovens and beer tap. Most of these also include various options for storage and sinks for easy clean up.

Interior Design

Many home remodeling projects are also concentrating on the elements of interior design. One of the main trends that we are observing is the continued used of the “new” neutrals in interior painting. In years gone by, neutral meant whites, creams or beiges. But today neutrals are typically colors such as light blue-gray, tans or khaki. Many are also using a white or cream base and adding a hint of green or blue to use for neutral colors in interior painting projects. Color is not absent in interior design, there are plenty of colors used as accents, especially colors such as reds or purples that used to be taboo in interior design. Expect some of these to hang around awhile as it is typical for paint colors to move in about 10 year cycles.

Going Green

One major shift in home remodeling is the move toward greener products. This includes nearly every aspect of home improvement. Homeowners are using environmentally friendly paints, adhesives, flooring and countertops. They are also making efforts to conserve water and energy throughout the home. This trend includes using fixtures which use less water such as low-volume toilets and low-flow shower heads. Homeowners are slowly moving away from the traditional water heater and either choosing more efficient models or greener alternatives such as the tankless water heater. More energy efficient window replacements are being installed to help conserve energy and provide lasting comfort inside the home.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

These two rooms are at the heart of many NJ home remodeling projects. The trend in interior design has begun to move toward more of a transitional look. This is a compromise of the traditional and the modern looks. Kitchens have long been the hub of activity but trends continue to include much more interest in the kitchen. They are an integral part of our daily lives and we spend time socializing, doing homework, paying bills, cooking and eating. The kitchen serves many more functions other than just eating in today’s hectic world. Bathrooms are no longer just an afterthought to a home’s design. Homeowners spend more time developing this small suite into the perfect haven in their own home

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