Window Treatments for your Kitchen

Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen Curtains

The kitchen is a hub of activity in most of our homes and as a general rule families are spending more time in this increasingly important part of the house. There are many choices that go into the kitchen’s design. These include selecting paint colors, cabinet designs, appliances, as well as flooring and lighting options. There comes a time in the remodeling process when the homeowner must also consider the type of kitchen window treatments that will be used. There are several current trends in kitchen window treatments which can be discussed with your Hartford interior design specialist.

Maximize the Light Source

Many window treatment options will maximize the use of natural light that is provided by a kitchen window. Many homeowners use sheer curtains underneath an arched valance. This allows the element of color without disrupting the source of natural light. The valance can be of an acceptable fabric which can pull the colors together from throughout the kitchen. Another option for maximizing the light source is using shades or blinds as window coverings. These allow natural light to lighten the kitchen during daytime hours while providing much needed privacy during the nighttime hours.

Tier Curtains

This type of window treatment continues to be a popular choice in today’s kitchen. This traditional choice makes some allowances for privacy without sacrificing the source of natural light. Most kitchens are located on the ground level of a home and some privacy is desired. Tier curtains typically cover the lower two-thirds of a window and leave the top third as open space. The curtains can be pulled back during daytime hours and closed at night to ensure proper privacy.

Curves in the Kitchen

Many times the kitchen is full of lots of straight lines. Cabinets, appliances and other features can tend to line up in rows providing a series of horizontal and vertical lines. For some design styles such as the modern or minimalist style it works great. In these cases simply add blinds or shades that can contribute to the simple geometric patterns. But for other kitchen designs it can be somewhat boring but window treatments can offer a break from the humdrum. Use window treatments with curves. Many curtains hang in a unique, but curved layout; and the arching valance can be very stylish when used for today’s kitchen window treatments.

Accents of Color

Window treatments can be the perfect accessory to provide pops of color in a kitchen. In a kitchen which uses a cool color scheme, window treatments can be added which have a splash of color such as red. Homeowners can use a patterned curtain that incorporates red patterns throughout. By adding a few other kitchen accessories which use the same shade of red it can help establish the perfect visual harmony in the room.

How to Choose Window Treatments

Sometimes choosing the appropriate window treatment for the kitchen is the difficult part. It is important to choose window treatments that are easily cleaned as they will be near cooking and eating areas. When choosing window treatments which are made of fabrics, make sure it is a type that is both washable and durable. Consider fabrics or other materials that will be resistant to stains. Urethane treated wood or plastic coated bamboo can make great kitchen window treatments. Always choose materials that will not detract from the design or color scheme but will rather enhance the décor. It’s important that the windows blend in with the interior design as well as provide an attractive contrast.

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