Designing a Backyard Pool

Backyard design

Backyard pool design

While the backyard swimming pool may be the centerpiece, it is not the only feature included. Designing a backyard pool will take planning and contemplation. Of course for most, the swimming pool will offer a social quality and it can offer the family hours of relaxation and fun. Prior to calling a Westchester swimming pool professional, there are three things to consider: the layout, location and types of materials to be used. These three features will determine how successful the installation will be. Landscaping should be considered while designing the pool instead of waiting until the pool is installed to try to figure it out. The swimming pool is a large part, the largest feature included in a backyard landscape design. To develop a functional backyard and pool all of the elements much be considered throughout the preparation and planning process.

Swimming Pool Layout

The layout is a very important consideration. Do you want the pool to be organic and natural? Perhaps you prefer a more formal look. Do you want it to be rectangular in shape, or do you prefer to use curved lines in the swimming pool layout? When answering these questions remember that its layout still needs to match the overall style and tone of the home as well as the backyard. If the home and yard are formal, has a modern look with clean straight lines, the pool needs to match this existing style.

Swimming Pool Location

Another huge consideration to make is exactly where you want the pool to be located. In yards where space is very limited, this may pretty well be predetermined for you. But in larger areas there is a lot of choice. Many homeowners may choose to place the pool up near the house for ease of access; but others may desire to place it a little further away from the house. Remember that it will be the most dominant feature of the backyard and it will also require a substantial amount of maintenance. These are important considerations when deciding exactly where the pool should be located.

Landscaping and Hardscaping Materials

You will want to ensure that all the materials used around the pool area to be harmonious with the rest of the home. If the primary material used in the home’s exterior is stone, include stone features in the backyard landscape. Decking could be formed from irregular stone. Walkways could be constructed of cobblestone to give a well balanced cohesiveness between the home and backyard area. Just because you are installing a pool does not mean you must use concrete around the area, a wooden deck can provide easy access to the pool and an acceptable area to entertain guests or relax around the pool.

The use of plants and other landscaping features should also help establish this cohesiveness and harmony between the home and the backyard area. Many shrubs or trees can be used to provide plenty of greenery to the area as well as privacy. It may be best to avoid plants with bright flowers which could attract unwanted guests such as bees to the pool area. There are plenty of leafy ferns and other plants that can provide an elegant backdrop for the pool area. When determining where plants, walkways, backyard decks or other landscaping elements should be placed consider the traffic that will be likely in the area. While you are planning your pool area, remember that the pool is just part of the landscaping design. It should all be considered together and not as separate entities. Place plants and hardscapes around the pool so that it is practical as well as aesthetically appealing.

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