Best Paint for Interior Painting

Interior Paint colors

Interior Paint

Each room has its own décor and calls for various color schemes and furnishings. They also require different colors and types of paint for interior painting. Choosing the color is not usually too difficult as it will aesthetically match the room’s overall décor. Color choices can simply be a matter of taste in interior design. Choosing the right type of sheen can be the more difficult part of the selection since it will require both some practicality and also be a matter of style. Sheen refers to how much light will be reflected from the painted surface and the type of sheen used will be determined by how the space is used and the desired look.

What type of Interior Paint is Best?

Latex and oil paints are available in several different sheens. Before selecting the interior paint with the right sheen one needs to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Some interior paints do not have a sheen and are referred to as matte or flat. These types of paints will absorb the light rather than reflect it. However, interior paints that have a glossy or semi glossy sheen will reflect different amounts of light. Most paint sheens can be used for any room in the house, but some interior paints are better in high traffic areas. If a homeowner likes a particular sheen but it seems to be sort of in between the two, then the paints with the two different types of sheens can be mixed together in order to get a finish that is in the middle of the two. Before painting always apply a coat of primer or at least an undercoat so that the interior paint will go on easier and achieve the desired result.

Interior Paints with No Gloss or Low Gloss Sheens

A flat or matte finish is usually used on new construction sites and homeowners usually like this type of paint for ceilings. Since the paint does not reflect light, it is very good at hiding flaws and imperfections. A flat finish is a great choice for using on new drywall that has imperfections, especially in the taping job or where joint compound has been over applied leaving the surface marred. Low sheen interior paints are sometimes called eggshell or low luster because they have about the same appearance as an egg’s shell. Interior paint that has this small amount of sheen ends up creating a velvety, soft finish. Satin sheens are more reflective and are better at resisting dirt, stains and mildew. This makes an interior paint with a satin finish a very good choice for rooms that are used frequently. Higher sheen paints are also typically easier to clean than flatter paints.

Interior Paints with Semi-gloss or Glossy Sheens

A glossy sheen will reflect light which will provide a very bright and shiny look. Not only are higher gloss paints more aesthetically appealing, they are also more durable. However, they will show every single imperfection on the painted surface. They should be used on walls that have few blemishes or are unmarred. Semi-gloss interior paint is very resistant to moisture and are great for highlighting trim, molding or railings. It is possible to use an interior paint with a higher sheen on ceilings, but it must be checked closely for imperfections before painting begins. Semi-gloss sheens are frequently used in areas such as kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. A real glossy sheen can create a smooth look that is similar to enamel or shiny plastic. Glossy sheens are an excellent choice for woodwork, doors and cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms.


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