Tips for Backyard Landscape Design

Backyard Landscape Design

Backyard Landscape Design

There are many different factors that must be considered when designing a backyard landscape. Most of the time, homeowners desire to change the overall look and feel of their home by changing their landscape design. Many times, a homeowner has entertaining in mind and wants a landscape design which makes it easier to serve and facilitate an evening with friends. It does not have to be a super involved task and in some cases, landscaping can be a do-it-yourself job. However, more intricate designs and those which require adding irrigation, waterscapes or hardscapes will require the help of a NJ landscaping professional. There are many different elements which must be considered when developing a backyard landscape design. Here are some tips for developing a landscape which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Plants and Trees

Greenery is typically the first thing that we think of when we begin a landscaping project. Flowering plants, shrubs, ferns and trees can all add a lot of vibrant colors to the area and liven it up a bit. Discuss with a local landscaping professional what types of plants are best for the region. It is good to mix flowering and non-flowering plants together. Don’t forget to use some evergreen plants. This way even in the winter months there will be something living and adding color to the landscaped areas.

Making Use of Hardscapes

Flowers and plants are an essential element in landscape design. But since it is not too likely that their beauty can be enjoyed year round, it is wise to include various features that will keep the area looking great all year long. Try using wood chips, stones or landscaping rocks to add visual interest. Stepping stones make great walkways and there are many other types of hardscapes that are visually appealing. Larger items such as backyard decks, patios and outdoor lighting can all add texture to the landscaped area.

Landscaping Including Fire Pits

One of the latest trends in landscape design incorporates a fire pit. Where there is adequate room, these can be safely installed at a safe distance away from the house. When designing the fire pit area, remember to include versatile seating options for maximum enjoyment. Most of the time, fire pits are lined with stones which can also make for seating options but benches or chairs can also be incorporated as part of the design as well. Homeowners may also want to consider making walkways that are lined with exterior lighting options so that the fire pit is easily accessible by guests.

Including Wildlife

It is quite alright to include an invitation to wildlife to enjoy a newly designed landscape. Talk to a local landscape professional or a local nursery to see what types of plants will attract birds or butterflies. You may also want to include features such as birdbaths or bird feeders which can be very inviting to winged friends. If you don’t want wildlife in your yard, then you may try a koi pond which will add an extra lively feature to the landscape design.

Exterior Lighting Options

Remember that when items such as outdoor kitchens or fire pits are included in backyard landscape designs, adequate lighting will need to be included. Solar lights are a great option as they will provide the needed light for nighttime activities without the need to run expensive wiring. It may only take a few lights to illuminate a walkway or provide lighting for enjoyable nighttime activities. Remember to include lighting options around pools, outdoor kitchens or along walkways. Use as few as are necessary to properly illuminate the area without it becoming cluttered.

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