What is Modern Exterior Design?

Modern Design

Modern Exterior Design

The exterior portions of a home do not always get as much attention as the interior parts, but it is not any less important. There are many different design plans that can be used to develop the exterior of the NJ home. Modern exterior design is popular because of its space saving qualities. Modern design for the exterior of the home resembles modern interior design in that it uses geometric shapes and lines and takes the minimalist approach to developing the design. This type of home design will help bring in the right balance between aesthetic appearance and functionality. Exterior lighting and landscape designs will be complimentary of other design elements such as residential painting.

Lighting Options

Exterior lighting plays a huge role in modern design. Direct lighting will help accentuate the home’s exterior. It will work in conjunction with the geometric design of the home and provide adequate lighting. Exterior lighting is designed such that it brings specific features to life and help create an entirely new look. Spotlights may be set into an overhanging platform and colored lighting may be used on the interior so that it gives off a certain type of stylish glow when it is seen from the street. Most modern homes incorporate the use of many windows to provide plenty of natural light during the daylight hours. The exterior of the home will be shaped around the windows so that a certain transparency is achieved.

Exterior Painting and Design

The exterior of the home will be designed so that it is complementary of its immediate surroundings. The type of neighborhood the home is in will help determine what types of colors will be used. Some regions will have certain color preferences. As a general rule, neutral or natural colors are typical of modern exterior design. The designer or homeowner may express their personality through the use of different materials such as wood paneling, water features or plants instead of paint colors.

Outdoor Living Areas

Driveways are often used as part of the exterior design. By using various decorative elements as concrete, stone or bricks driveways or walkways can provide function as well as aesthetic appeal. These may be lined with various types of plants which provide color and distinction. Backyard areas of the modern home will include various outdoor living areas such as a fire pit, outdoor kitchen or a functional waterscape. Many times yard areas will include design elements such as birdbaths, trellises or fountains. Trellises may be decorated using vine like plants or stringed lights. Many elaborate layouts include raised plant beds railings or potted plants. Everything outdoors will help add to the tone and atmosphere of the home. Stone, brick or rock walkways allow for adding small ornamental plants or various objects to line the pathway for an ornamental display.

Use of Windows

Homes with today’s modern exterior design will typically have plenty of windows. While they are primarily used to allow natural light to enhance the home’s interior, they are used to enhance the exterior as well. Using glass for the modern home displays an element of elegance. Most modern designs use plenty of windows and glasswork as part of the basic design and décor. Most of the time, windows are rectangular in shape in order to stay consistent with the geometric patterns used in modern design. Their placement will add to the distinction of the home and they are strategically placed so that they have aesthetic qualities. Windows also help add to the openness of the home’s design as well as help maintain the transparency which is desirable for the modern exterior design.

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