How to Insulate Your Home for Summer

Window repair

Window instillation

Homeowners are quick to prepare for the winter months by adding insulation and weatherproofing their homes. However, the same home that needs insulation to stay warm in the winter also needs to be properly insulated in the summer months as well. Without proper insulation summer utility bills can soar. Summer insulation projects can help a homeowner save a substantial amount on cooling bills. With utility bills going up with the increased cost of energy, it just makes sense to find effective methods of keeping them down at a reasonable rate. Insulating in the summer is just another way to help protect your pocketbook. Adding insulation in the summer months can also help keep the home at a comfortable temperature.

Insulate your Windows

One way a homeowner can insulate windows and ensure that the hotter air remains outside while indoors is cool and comfortable is by investing in energy efficient windows. Installing window replacements is an expensive undertaking but it is a project that will eventually pay for itself by lowering energy bills. High reflectivity window film is another alternative if replacement windows are too much to consider. This type of film can help keep the house cooler by helping decrease the heat gain of the summer months. Cell shades are a window treatment that can be decorative as well as provide insulation which prevents extreme temperature changes in the home. Windows should be inspected for leaks and weather-stripping can help seal up air leaks around windows. Summer is a great time of year to install or replace weather-stripping around windows.

Seal up any Drafts or Cracks

Summer can be brutally hot in some areas and it is very expensive and wasteful to allow cooler air to escape from the house through holes or cracks. Double check all the home’s windows and doors for air leaks. But don’t forget about sealing up any area where there could be an air exchange. Around dryer vents or where pipes enter the home can be holes that allow for cooled air to escape which can be costly for the homeowner. Caulking can be used to plug any of these gaps; and it can be used around doors or windows to prevent air leakage. Weather-stripping can be applied around windows and doors to prevent air conditioned air from escaping and driving up summer electric bills.

Upgrade or Install Insulation

Proper insulation is needed in every climate, not just to keep warm in the winter. This same insulation that helps keep our homes warmer in the winter months can also provide layers of protection which helps keep our families cooler in the summer. Check any crawl spaces to ensure that they are properly insulated and that the insulation is in good shape. The attic should also be inspected to make sure insulation does not need to be upgraded. Now would be the best time to check the walls of the garage to make sure that they are properly insulated as well as the interior walls of the home. There are a wide variety of products and applications that a homeowner can choose from for insulating purposes. The most common is rolled fiberglass which can be distributed in areas such as attics but can also be put in walls during new construction. Many homeowners will choose the summer months for home remodeling projects like adding a room on to the house. This is the perfect time to install proper insulation. Any layers of insulation will help slow down heat from getting in or out of the house.  By adding insulation in the summer months, the home can be kept cool and comfortable.


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