Green Pest Control Tips

Bed Bug prevention

Bed Bug

Pests can be the unwanted guest in almost any home and no home is totally immune from them. Ants, mice, silverfish and many other pests can be difficult to get rid of. Many people have used pesticides in an attempt to get rid of these tiny critters. Some of these may be effective at removing the pests but they are also very harmful for the environment and can be damaging for people and pets because of the harsh chemicals that they contain.  There are several green alternatives which can help remove unwanted pests. These are much safer for the environment and the other inhabitants of the house. Here are some tips on how to control pest using methods that are safe for people, pets and the environment.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

One of the best ways to protect against bed bugs is prevention. This is a relatively easy task in areas that have not been affected by bed bugs. Steam is a green way to get rid of bed bugs. Steam cleaners kill bed bugs and their eggs instantly. Apply steam to the mattress, pillows or other bedding that cannot be easily washed in hot water. Washing bedding or clothing in very hot water can kill bed bugs and their eggs as well. Steam can also be applied to areas which bed bugs are often found like furnishings and carpets. Using mattress covers can help prevent occurrences of bed bugs to begin with.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean will help prevent cockroaches. Keeping floors vacuumed and washing areas with very strong soaps can help get rid of the little pest. Keep bottles of soapy water handy in areas where roaches are commonly seen. Spraying them directly with the soapy water can kill them. Catnip is a natural substance that naturally repels cockroaches. Place small sachets containing catnip in areas where you suspect or know of cockroach activities. Catnip can also be dissolved in hot water and then sprayed around baseboards or behind counters. Take an empty container such as a coffee can and place a few pieces of bread that have been completely soaked with beer in areas where you have seen roaches. This will attract them but it is a deadly attraction.

Getting Rid of Fleas

Most of the time, fleas gain access to our homes by way of our beloved pets. It does not take long for their bedding to become infested if they are not taken care of immediately. Bathing and combing your pet regularly can help keep them flea free. Citrus is a natural way to deter fleas. For dogs (not cats) pour one cup of boiling water over a sliced up lemon. You can leave the skin on and score it so that it will release even more of the citrus oil into the water. Allow this to set overnight and then sponge it on your dog. It will kill the fleas instantly. Cedar oil is a natural repellent to fleas. Cedar oil is commercially available; and cedar filled sleeping mats can be purchased. Cedar shampoo is also readily available. Keep carpeted areas vacuumed especially areas where the pets tend to sleep. Immediately remove the vacuum cleaner bag and place it in an outdoor trash receptacle. Inside your home, a shallow pan half full of soapy water can be placed on the floor under a lamp. Fleas will be attracted to the light and end up in the water and the soap will prevent the fleas from being able to get out and they can be disposed of. You may also want to plant a Fleabane Daisy Erigeron in back yard or garden areas as they naturally repel fleas.


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