What Type of Windows do I Need? | Potomac Replacement Windows

While the style of the replacement window may be largely left up to personal preference, it is very important to match the style of window to the home’s architecture and style.

via Traditional Interior Design | Scoop.it http://www.scoop.it/t/traditional-interior-design/p/3999265886/what-type-of-windows-do-i-need-potomac-replacement-windows/original


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  1. […] great choice as it will easily fit into a small area and it will provide some extra storage space. Casement windows or awning window replacements are very nice in the bathroom and they can be placed over shower areas. Double hung windows or […]


  2. […] the wintertime it will reflect heat back into the home. The Low-emissivity glass is one of the most energy efficient window replacements available. Since it does not allow for the transfer of heat, it can greatly reduce the cost of […]


  3. […] that perfectly fits their home and climate by determining which frames and glass will be the most energy efficient windows for their home. Here are some of the most popular energy efficient glass types used in replacement […]


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