What is Commercial Remodeling?

Commercial Remodeling

Commercial Remodeling

Remodeling in general is making a space more usable, practical or functional. For the commercial facility this can be very different than a residential structure. The intent is the same which remains to make improvements that all can enjoy and benefit from; but the homeowner is concerned with very different reasons for remodeling than the businessman. A business needs to be fully functional to provide a safe place for workers and customers or clients. Not only is safety a major issue, but helping employees be more efficient at what they do is also a factor. Even the “small stuff” is important to the commercial remodeling project in Seattle. Something as simple as a wrong paint color can end up turning customers away. Commercial remodeling is a much larger task than remodeling a home.

Keeping up to Date

No matter how old or new the business is, it is imperative that the work or office space is not out of date. Even though much business is done via internet or digital sources, the brick and mortar business must look fashionable and up to date when customers visit. Customers will wonder about the integrity of a modern business if the structure is not contemporary. A commercial remodeling project may update lighting sources, redesign office spaces with to make room for modern equipment or repaint the interior in modern paint colors. It is important that a business not look worn or tattered; commercial remodeling can help keep a business up to date in appearance.

Green Office Remodeling

There can be many reasons for a business to consider greener options; but it will take a commercial remodeling professional to make the actual changes needed. An environmentally friendly office has several benefits that are worth the extra construction. It can improve the company image in the eyes of clients and customers and demonstrate to clientele that the company desires to make a difference as well. It can also save the business substantially on energy bills by reducing the amount of energy used. And green buildings can help improve the health of their employees which will have a final result of increased productivity.

Types of Commercial Remodeling Projects

A commercial remodeling contractor in Seattle can be hired to perform a wide variety of tasks. They may provide a complete paint job, build new storage spaces, add rooms on to a business facility or replace all the old plumbing fixtures with up to date models. Commercial remodeling may work with an apartment manager to bring units up to required codes or they may work with medical facilities to install sprinkler systems, nurse call centers or medical gas systems. Medical and dental facilities have special needs when it comes to lighting and a commercial remodeling company can perform the task of installing the fixtures and then keeping them up to date.

In general, commercial remodeling includes projects that will help keep a facility running at its optimum level so that clientele or customers are being served properly. Each business will have its own individualized needs as far as equipment, space and décor is concerned and an experienced remodeling contractor will be versatile enough to meet these needs so that consumers’ needs are met in the most efficient way possible.


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  1. Giving your office a face lift can do wonders. A remodel can really draw in customers.


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