Summer Home Remodeling Projects


Composite deck & Vinyl Rail

The warmer months are just around the corner and NJ homeowners are beginning to plan their home remodeling projects for the summer months. For many homeowners it is about making their home more efficient, more usable or to give it more functional. Others want to maximize indoor or outdoor spaces or install a pool or backyard deck. Many are already planning exactly what type of remodeling they want to do this summer while others are still looking for some good ideas. Here are some useful summer home remodeling projects that will maximize your outdoor space.

Adding a Deck or Patio

Not only will a deck or patio maximize outdoor space, if it is done correctly it can increase the value of the home. It can offer a relaxing place to get away from the chaos of life, or give homeowners a place to entertain guests during the warmer months. Decks and patios should always be complimentary of the exterior design of the home as they are simply an outdoor extension. A deck or patio can offer easy access to other areas of the backyard like a swimming pool or outdoor kitchen. They are a very practical and useful backyard addition to any home. They are highly customizable and can be built to fit the available space and purpose.

Building a Swimming Pool

Whether you just want a place to swim a few laps after a long hard day at work, or you want to invite the neighborhood over for a swimming party, a pool can be the perfect exclamation point on your backyard. They can be made any shape or size that space will allow all that is needed is proper planning. The pool can be bordered with many interesting plants and greenery which can provide color and visual appeal while you and your guests are enjoying the luxury of the pool.

Outdoor Kitchens

One of the most common trends for home remodeling projects is to build an outdoor kitchen. This is a very practical and functional way to make use of outdoor spaces. An outdoor kitchen in Westchester County can be as elaborate or as simple as the homeowner prefers. Many are complete with appliances and adequate storage space. The idea is that the host or hostess does not have to spend any amount of time separated from their guests preparing food. It is all prepared in the outdoor kitchen while enjoying time with guests.

Exterior Painting

The summer months can be the perfect time to spruce up the house with a fresh coat of paint. This is one of the most cost effective home remodeling projects homeowners can choose. There are also plenty of lasting benefits as paint provides an extra layer of protection for the surface it covers. Painting the exterior of the home in NJ as well as the trim can increase the aesthetic appeal of the home greatly and won’t cost an arm and a leg, nor will it take you all summer to complete it. It is one of the lease time consuming home remodeling projects to choose from.


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