Replacing Broken Windows

windows from Kelemer Brothers


Up until a few years ago there were very few choices for those building or remodeling a home. But today there are many different types and styles of windows for homeowners to choose from. In general older windows were not expected to provide high levels of insulation as they allowed for heat transfer. This is quite possibly why so much research was expended in developing better window materials. Modern windows are energy efficient which is great, but they can be more difficult to deal with when it comes to having to replace one that is broken. It is imperative that broken windows be replaced as soon as it is feasible. Failing to replace a broken window can end up costing you in energy bills as well as take away from the aesthetic appeal of the home.

Replacing Single Window Panes

It is time consuming but it should not require a background in construction or carpentry to replace a single paned window. Years ago, window frames were made solely of wood, but today’s frames are made from many different types of materials. Most of the time when home renovations are done which include replacement windows, wooden frames are also replaced with more durable options such as aluminum or vinyl. These materials also require a lot less maintenance. However, if a window pane is cracked or broken it will not matter what the frame is made out of, it will need to be replaced. The frame’s material can make replacing broken windows more difficult. Wooden frames are generally the easiest type to work with but it is important to obtain instructions from the manufacturer before beginning. In most cases it is best to hire an experienced window replacement professional in Baltimore to replace broken windows or frames.

Replacing Double Window Panes

It is a very involved process to replace broken double-paned windows. If one pane is broken both panes have to be replaced. Even if they are not broken but there is moisture between the two panes of glass, replacements are necessary. When moisture is seen between the two panes, the seal is compromised and the panes are no longer energy efficient. When moisture builds up it can also cause other damage that will have to be repaired later on. It is best to replace the multi-paned windows at the first sign of leakage or breakage. It is advisable to call a professional who has experience at replacing broken windows to ensure that the job is done correctly and more damage does not occur.

What About Picture Windows?

Most of the time, picture windows are single-paned; but there are several multi-paned models available. Because of the size, a picture window can be difficult to replace when it is broken. It is virtually impossible to do without the proper equipment. Replacing a broken picture window should be done by a qualified professional who will likely have an entire team who comes out to replace it. Laminated glass would be a good window replacement option for a picture window as it will not shatter and is more energy efficient than older plate glass windows.

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