Energy Star Replacement Windows

replacement windows

Energy efficient replacement windows

Windows are multi-purposeful. They provide a certain aesthetic quality for the home and can be very complimentary of both the interior and exterior design of a home. They can allow sun to warm the home in the winter months, provide ventilation, allow natural light and a beautiful view for homeowners. The down side is that they can also contribute to up to one fourth of the heating bill when they allow for heat exchange. During the heat of the summer the air conditioner will have to work harder to cool air that is also being heated through sunny windows. Energy Star replacement windows can help give homeowners a break on their energy bills.

What types of energy efficient windows are best?

If the windows in your home are only single paned, then it would be beneficial to replace them with double-paned windows that contain low-e or high performance glass. Gas filled windows can reduce heat loss in colder climates; and in warmer climates homeowners would choose windows with selective coatings to help reduce solar heat gain. There are also some tips that can help make energy efficient windows in Baltimore offer an improved performance.

Tips for Cold Weather

To increase the performance of energy star replacement windows in cooler weather use clear window shades that have insulating properties. During the evening hours close the curtains and shades to protect from cold drafts of air. During the daytime hours open them to allow sunlight to warm the area.  Windows that have a low-e coating will reflect some of the heat back into the room during cooler months.

Tips for Warmer Weather

Energy Star replacement windows with a low-e coating will also reflect the summer sun so that solar heat gain is reduced. Installing white shades, drapes or blinds will also help to reflect heat away from the home. For windows which face south or west curtains should be closed during the daytime hours. Installing awnings on windows that face south or west can also be an energy saving option. Reflective films can also be beneficial for reducing solar heat gain.

Shopping for Energy Star Window Replacements

The first important thing to look for is the unique Energy Star label. When selecting windows choose styles which have a low-e coating and have at least two panes of glass. Low U-factor windows provide better insulation in climates that are colder. In warmer climates select windows with a low SHGC. (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient)  In order to maximize energy savings in climates that have both hot and cold seasons choose windows that have low U-factors as well as low SHGCs. It is also important for homeowners to select replacement windows which have U-factors and SHGCs for the whole unit and not just for the center-of-glass. Whole unit ratings demonstrate that the entire window has a high energy performance. Always hire a professional who can install them according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer so that the warranty will not be voided.

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