Types of Window Glass

Replacement windows


Deciding to purchase window replacements is just the first step. There are several other things that must be considered such as the style and size of the windows. One a Baltimore homeowner chooses the style that they want to use; they will also have to determine the type of glass that will be used in the replacement window. Varying climatic conditions and exterior designs of the home can be determining factors when homeowners are making these important decisions. There are several different types of window glass to choose from and knowing the benefits of each can help homeowners choose which is best for their home situation.

Safety First

Laminated glass has safety features built in to its design. This type of glass is constructed by putting a plastic interlayer between two sheets of glass. Both pressure and heat are applied which creates a solid and permanent bond so that the two glass pieces work together as one sheet of glass. This design creates a solid structure which will not shatter into pieces if it is broken. Instead all the little fragments will continue to stick to the plastic interlayer. Another reason homeowners prefer to purchase window replacements with laminated glass is that it provides reduction in both noise and transferring of air.

Tempered glass is another very strong type of window and is frequently used for doors. This type of glass will also not shatter if it is broken. Instead the glass will just crumble into little pellets. It is manufactured in such a way as to resist stress that comes from both thermal stress and direct impact. The compression factor will offer extra strength and this glass will resist breaking.

Energy Efficient Low-E Glass

Low-E glass windows contain a form of insulation that allows plenty of natural light to flow through while preventing heat from passing through. This type of glass has a very thin unseen coating which is made out of sliver and antireflective metal oxide. This provides a window which can reflect heat in either direction. In summertime, the coating will block ultraviolet and infrared solar energy from heating up the house; and in the wintertime it will reflect heat back into the home. The Low-emissivity glass is one of the most energy efficient window replacements available. Since it does not allow for the transfer of heat, it can greatly reduce the cost of heating and cooling the house.

Gaseous Insulation

Double-pane and triple-paned glass replacement windows offer some of the best insulation possible. Inert gases are used to fill the spaces between the sheets of glass before they are sealed. Argon and krypton are both slow moving gases that are frequently used to fill the space in multi-paned windows. The gas will decrease the currents between the panes and reduce the transfer of heat between the two sides. This type of insulation is highly effective and energy efficient. Between the two gases, argon is the least expensive therefore it is used more frequently. Choosing argon will also help lower the overall cost of the window replacements.

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