How to Get More Privacy in Your Home?


Window Drapes

One of the common problems in some areas such as Baltimore is that the houses are situated so close together that there doesn’t feel like there is any privacy at all. With neighbors so close, many feel like they want to duck past the windows in order to not be seen. There are many different types of window treatments to chose from that can offer a higher level of privacy.

Window Films

Window films adhere to the interior surfaces of the windows and can come in a wide variety of opacities. Frosted films can contain glass dust which will mimic real the look of real frosted glass. They are available in different colors and patterns as well and some are even designed to look like stained glass. There can be other benefits to using this type of window treatment as well. Along with added privacy, they can block UV rays as well as prevent energy loss and solar heat gain. When peel-and-stick varieties are properly applied to the window unit, they can last for years. But when the homeowner is ready for a change, the film is easy to remove. Window films which use adhesive are a permanent solution because they cannot be removed. They will last the length of the glass and will have even better energy saving properties. Some designers have made decorative adhesive window films which add beauty while providing additional privacy.

Installing Replacement Windows

Replacement windows in Baltimore can offer exceptional privacy solutions especially for bathrooms. Textured block or acrylic block windows are a workable solution for these areas which demand high levels of privacy. The block’s texture will obscure the view but it will also allow in a good deal of natural light. These types of privacy windows are fixed in place and are not movable. Glass blocks are also a good solution and are less expensive than acrylic. Glass blocks are also available in various colors or in etched or frosted finishes. For a more traditional solution, energy efficient window replacements are available with translucent glass. These double hung windows can be an excellent solution for privacy in the bath areas.

Window Treatments

There are many types of decorative window treatments that can be used to provide privacy. Blinds, drapes, curtains or shades are some of the most popular treatments that are used. These can be opened during the daytime hours when privacy is not as much of an issue and closed at night. There are many different styles to choose from. These decorative window treatment options will provide adequate privacy as well as compliment the room’s décor. Window treatments can be as elaborate or as simple as the homeowner desires and they easily fit into the present room’s décor. Curtains are very versatile as they come in a wide variety of styles. Café curtains can be hung to cover the bottom half of the window and drapes can provide additional energy savings by providing a full window covering. Homeowners can choose the window treatments that are preferred for their particular situation.

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