Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Modern Living room design

Living room

Redecorating or remodeling a living room can seem like a very difficult task, but it’s not really such a hard job. Modern trends in living room design are turning toward a minimalist décor. This style uses a lot of geometric lines and shapes to create a visual flow. Modern interior design tends to lean toward keeping things clean and simple while remaining inviting and adding a few splashes of color. It will simply take the right balance of shape, texture, line and color to design a modern living room.

Shape and Texture in the Modern Living Room

Clean lines, right angles and nicely defined shapes are used in the contemporary living room. In order to achieve the modern design use armless chairs, a low back sofa and rimless glass tables that have round or square tops. Tables with X-cross legs add a little bit of visual interest to the design. To add in a little more color perhaps the use of stackable tables that are made of colored plastic would help bring in some color as would metal frame chairs that contain canvas sling seating. These types of furnishings will provide the perfect balance of color and texture. In the modern design there is not as many accessories used so each furnishing or piece that is used in the room can bring color, shape and texture.

Modern Materials Used in the Modern Living Room

Some of the most popular materials used in modern living room design include metal and glass. These are typically colorless but give the décor a sense of shine. Tables and shelving can both be made of glass or metal or a combination of the two. When these are coupled with matte finished plastics or lacquered surfaces it can bring a perfect balance in the room. Fabrics are also included in the modern living room design but typically they are solid colors or contain geometric patterns. Wood flooring, tile flooring or even painted cement are among some of the favorite flooring options chosen. These are typically highly polished to add some extra class and sheen to the room.

Lighting Options in the Modern Living Room

Lighting can add a lot to a room’s décor. The perfect lighting solution in NJ is natural light but sometimes windows are not large enough to provide enough lighting. Geometric shaped mirrors can be used to increase the natural light that does come in through the windows. Yellow lighting is also a popular option as it can soften the modern décor just enough to make it cozy. Track lighting or accent lighting can be sued to spotlight particular pieces of art or furnishings. These lighting fixtures can add to the geometric design rather than take away from while accentuating focal points. Recessed lighting is also a much used option as they are unobtrusive yet provide adequate illumination. Using separate recessed fixtures can also allow the decorator to highlight objects of art or various points of interest. Paper globed lanterns are also a popular choice for the modern living room. The unique shape adds to the décor while providing the needed light.

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