Modern Landscape Design Features

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Landscape design in NJ includes many design elements like line, form, color, texture and scale. How these all come into play in actual backyard landscaping is largely up to the preference and taste of the homeowner. In order to create the desired designs, homeowners may incorporate the use of various features that are strategically placed so that they achieve their decorating goals. There are many modern features which are used in today’s modern backyard landscaping design.

Use of Contemporary Materials

Many features are now made with contemporary materials. There are a wide variety of hardscape features which can help create lines and texture to complement the outdoor décor. In many areas, the minimalist design has been incorporated into exterior designs as well as interior. Modern landscapes use contemporary features that include crisp lines and add the geometric element to the landscape design. This can be done with features such as pools, tiles or wooden accent beams. Other features may include walkways which use pebbles, natural gravel or various styles of concrete. The use of various types of natural rock is also a very popular feature in modern landscaping.

Outdoor Accessories

Today’s designs include a wide range of accessories that are used to create outdoor living spaces. Homeowners have begun to include areas such as the outdoor kitchen, built-in barbeque pits and fire pits into their design scheme. Outdoor fireplaces are also growing in popularity as a landscaping feature. Backyard decks and patios offer plenty of room to accessorize with various types of furnishings as well.

Modern Vegetation Choices

Vegetation has long been part of the landscape design but in modern landscaping, plants are receiving less attention. They are still incorporated into the design and can provide the elements of line, texture and color. But for the most part contemporary designs focus on maintaining an environment which requires very low maintenance. Texture is provided by using colorful plants that are easy to care for. To provide an exotic air, large palms or agaves may be used. One popular outdoor plant is bamboo which can be used to provide privacy as well as evergreens.

Using containers to provide life and color is a popular feature for patios and different types of ornamental grasses are used to offer a break between various hardscape features. Rock gardens and various types of waterscapes add plenty of life to modern outdoor spaces. Many homeowners are using sustainable designs for the purpose of being more eco-conscious. The end result is that plants are still a part of the contemporary outdoor design but trends have moved toward a garden style that is more adaptive.

Outdoor Lighting

With the move toward outdoor living spaces, has come much more versatile exterior lighting options in NJ as well. Stylish fixtures can provide light for a walkway, or illuminate an entire area for evening entertaining. Candles and lanterns are two of the modern lighting options that continue to evolve as part of modern landscape design. There are many different options for homeowners who desire to maximize their outdoor spaces.

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