Paint Your Kitchen Yellow

Painting Kitchen

Yellow Kitchen

Choosing the perfect kitchen color can be quite overwhelming for some NJ home owners. When considering what color schemes are best for a particular kitchen, one needs to think about what type of mood they desire to set. As color trends for interior painting have changed over the years many new colors have been introduced for use in the kitchen. Yellow has long been a favorite color used in kitchens for years. But there are both pros and cons for using yellow in the kitchen area of a home. Only the homeowner can determine if it is the right color for their kitchen area. Here are some pros and cons for using yellow for kitchen painting projects.

Pros for Painting a Kitchen Yellow

When the right shade of yellow is used in the kitchen, it can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Kitchens which are limited on natural light might benefit from using slightly brighter shades of yellow as it can help make the room appear brighter and lighter. Yellow is a very good color to lift the mood of the room so it works very well to highlight an area such as a breakfast nook. A muted yellow kitchen can offer a soft and warm atmosphere. Shades such as eggshell or pale yellow can yield a very nice touch especially when combined with other colors such as some of the natural hues. When choosing a yellow for your kitchen, choose a yellow that is one shade duller than what is actually wanted. Because of the small size of paint chips the yellows are not as bright as they will appear once they are on the walls.

Yellow can be a wonderful accent color for the kitchen or it works well for cabinetry. It can also be used as the wall color so that it provides a very warm backdrop for other colors as well. It is a very versatile color and works well with many other colors.

Cons for Painting a Kitchen Yellow

Some shades of yellow can be very overwhelming, especially when it is used to paint the entire area. Using the wrong shade, one that is too bright can be over stimulating and can even cause irritation. Yellow can be a very dominating color especially in the small sized kitchen. Painting a NJ kitchen yellow can be very difficult. Yellow does not have the covering power of other colors and depending on the color being painted over it may not cover very well at all especially if it is being used to paint over a more intense or a darker color.

Brighter shades of yellow such as a basic primary yellow do not encourage relaxation. On the contrary, they encourage an individual to get up and get moving. Think about how many of the fast food restaurants incorporate bright yellow into their color scheme. This is because they do not want you to sit down, relax and enjoy your meal. They want you to grab it in a bag and get moving. Yellow can be too energetic for the kitchen and dining areas of a home where families should feel comfortable sitting and visiting.

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