Ideas for Landscape Design

Water fountain

Water fountain

There are five basic elements to landscape design in New Jersey: line, form, color, texture and scale. Virtually every landscape design will incorporate these five elements together no matter how unique or customized the actual design becomes for the homeowner. How those elements are used is left up to the creativity of the homeowner and the NJ landscaping professional. There are lots of ways to achieve a well balanced and aesthetically appealing landscaped yard. The possibilities are limitless but there are many things to consider before even getting started.

Proper Planning

One of the things you will need to think about is the patterns of the wind and the sun. If you place a patio or deck on the west side of the house just remember that in the later summer months it can become unbearably hot and fall far less than comfortable and relaxing. In some areas the wind is a major issue that must be considered as well. If the wind is predominantly out of the south, it can put out a fire pit that is situated on the southern side of the residence. Think about what the natural elements are like during certain times of the year when beginning to plan for your backyard landscape.

Find a Focal Point

Find or create a focal point for the landscaped yard to be developed around. It may be one isolated point such as a fountain, sculpture, tree, small flower garden or a row of shrubs. The idea behind having a focal point is to draw the observer’s eyes to one spot and then lead it on across the landscape.

Start Small

It is easy to watch a home and garden show develop an entire finished landscaped yard in a matter of 30 minutes or an hour. But in reality it takes much longer than that to achieve a well groomed yard. Remember that plants will grow and tend to fill things in over time. Manage your landscaping project in pieces and give the plants time to grow and fill in empty spaces. If you get too many plants in a small area it can become cluttered looking rather than groomed. Also remember that shrubs and bushes will need to be trimmed routinely to keep them in good visible condition.


The types of plants that are used will depend largely on what you hope to achieve. Perhaps some nice native flowering plants can bring some color into the yard. Many prefer to just have some greenery and one modern trend is to incorporate a vegetable or herb garden into the landscape design. But landscaping does not just use plants. There are many features that can add to the overall design such as swimming pools, spas, various types of waterscapes and hardscapes. Outdoor living spaces are a current trend too. This means backyard decks, patios, or outdoor kitchens all of which give the area much more functionality. These can be as simple or elaborate as the homeowner desires. The types of features that are included will depend upon the desired purpose of the homeowner.

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