Trends in Backyard Water Features

Photo of Backyard Water Feature

Backyard Water Features

Backyard water features are becoming more popular.  They aren’t really considered a “new” enhancement as they have been around awhile but were not promoted or showcased as they are now.  Most Professional Landscapers can offer you this feature but not all will because it’s a skilled craft with an artistic flair.  The complexity of the water feature you desire will also dictate who you choose to build it.  It’s like anything else; the more complex a situation appears the more experience is required to achieve the end result.  This is not to say that a DIYer can’t take on this project.  Challenge yourself.  Part of being your own grounds keeper means doing projects (or attempting them) that are sometimes out of your comfort zone.  Let your creative juices flow. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

Water Feature Components

The water pump is the single most critical item needed.  The type of water feature you want will dictate the size of the pump you will need.  Pumps are measured by the GPM (gallons per minute) that they can pump and must be fully submerged under water to allow the constant flow of water into the pump.  The object the pump is submerged in can be as simple as a large flower pot (ceramic or plastic) or a concrete planter. Pre-formed hard plastic ponds of various sizes can be buried in the ground or a spot can be excavated and a rubber membrane liner used to line the hole.

Water Feature Design

Some of the most aesthetic water features are designed to simulate nature.  The simulation comes both with sight and with sound.   If you are doing a water feature with a membrane liner surrounded by rocks, you will want to place the surrounding stones in a random order not only by size but also by   types.  Random selection with no methodologies will yield the best results.  The sound of running water is extremely soothing.   If you read about a “babbling brook” you get a visual accompanied with an audio image of inner peace.  The challenge is to re-create both. The further the water travels in your feature, the more pronounced the sound will be. A tiered water fall is one where the water cascades over several flats of stone versus a waterscape simulating a random creek bed.  I strongly suggest visiting completed waterscapes of multiple varieties to get an idea of how to get the “rolling water sound” you want.  Many water features run during the night as well as during the day creating an equal attraction.

Finishing Touches

Incorporate a fish pond to enhance your tranquility and gather attention at the same time.  Although this will require much attention to keep your fish thriving. It can easily turn into a hobby.  After the water feature is complete, you can garnish it with personal touches.  Water features need plants.  About half of a garden water feature’s surface should be covered with pond plants. When choosing pond plants for water features, always look to nature for ideas.  The following are some common plants for your pond: Iris, Water Hyacinths, Reeds and Rushes.

There are enough details on maintaining a fish pond to do a separate article so we won’t go into details in this article.  You can gather information and find pond products at a pet shop that stocks aquarium products or a landscape supply company.

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