Window Replacements and Privacy

Glass Block Window and Privacy

Glass Block Windows

Having a window in your bathroom is a plus.  You don’t always have that option if your bathroom is not located on an exterior wall.  When you can incorporate natural light into your bathroom design, there are many styles of windows and window treatments to protect your privacy and still let the sunshine through.   You must consider the design, cost, look, and function when making a replacement selection.  So when you are remodeling your bathroom (or just updating) keep the following types of windows in mind.

Glass Block Windows

Security is always a prime consideration when selecting bathroom or any room’s window.  Glass block windows are an excellent choice when you have concerns of vandalism.  The individual blocks are difficult to break even with a sledge hammer. Glass block windows are often mortared in to the opening. Acrylic and glass block windows are available with frosted, diamond, ice, or wave patterns that can even eliminate the need for curtains yet still look appealing.

Frosted Glass

If you plan on replacing a window that is in front of the shower or above the tub, a frosted or etched window gives great privacy.  The opaque surface diffuses the light coming in.  A casement window is a common choice to have on an exterior wall above a stand-alone tub.  Wind-out windows allow you to bring the great outdoors inside.  If the glass is not frosted or etched, a window covering should be used.  The choices for coverings are unlimited!   If you choose vinyl or aluminum windows, make sure there is a secure locking mechanism.


The only option to get light into an interior bathroom is a skylight. Skylights are simply windows mounted on the ceiling.  A fixed skylight that is completely sealed is your best choice.  Since it is sealed, you will need to have a bathroom fan installed to remove the humidity after a bath or shower.  It’s best to spend as much money as your budget can afford on a skylight. Over time seals can break or crack allowing water or moisture inside your bathroom.  After all, it’s a window on your roof that is exposed to the same elements your shingles are.

Custom Window Designs

A Porthole Bathroom window is a stylish choice that provides both privacy and still allows you to catch a glimpse outside.  Its placement is usually high on an outside wall.  Its custom so expect to pay a price that is above a regular bathroom privacy window.  If your bathroom is palatial with high ceilings and tall walls, Clerestory windows can be installed.  These are windows that have a narrow width similar to the shape of a Lego.  They come with venting options also.

Cost Determination

Like all other home renovations or updates, your budget will decide what windows are viable for you financially.  Window replacement is never a cheap project. The most cost effective selection will be glass block.  Acrylic block windows are a little more expensive and wooden windows are the priciest. The opening designs of the window also have price considerations.  Double hung and slider windows are usually the cheapest and casement windows are the most expensive.

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