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Window Blinds and Shades in NYC – Shading Systems Inc.

Shading Systems, Inc has the perfect solutions for residential and commercial establishments who are in need of window treatments in NYC.

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Master Electrician in Atlanta Georgia – Miles Electric

Miles Electric offers several core electrical services for homeowners, apartment complexes and businesses

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Air Conditioner in Summit NJ – Precision HVAC

Precision HVAC offers full service air conditioner repair in Providence, NJ. The company is owned by David Kiss who graduated with a degree in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning from the Union County Technical School.

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House Painting in Winnipeg – Stephen’s Edge Painting

Stephen’s Edge has been a house painting contractor in Winnipeg since 1996.

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Residential Painting in Livingston NJ – Picone Painting and Paper Hanging

Picone Painting and Paperhanging, Inc. has been in operation for over 50 years.

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House Painting in Essex County – Worry Free Painting

Worry Free Painting is a professional commercial and residential painter in Morris County. The company has an exceptional reputation for providing high quality painting services.

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Types of Window Glass

Energy Efficient l

Energy Efficient label

There are multiple types of window glass on the market.  Just because you have a broken window doesn’t mean you have to replace it with the exact type.  Look at it as an opportunity to upgrade to the current products being used.  The majority of homeowners do not replace a functioning window but instead wait until they have no choice. The final decision must take into consideration your climate and types of weather.  The Baltimore area experiences multiple seasons so your selection will be different than if you live in the south.  Below we will go through a variety of different types of glass along with their features and functions.  All windows now a days are energy efficient (some more than others) so I won’t continually ad in the “energy efficient” tagline to each one. Continue reading

Adding an Airbath Whirlpool to Your Bathroom | Designing Your Bathroom

Your bathroom could be luxurious by adding an Airbath Whirlpool to Your Bathroom

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Bathroom Painting Trends | Rentpainters

Bathroom Painted with Muted Colors of Pale Green The trends in bathroom painting and design are always changing. Recently there has been a turn toward

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Trends in Interior Painting | Rentpainters

Chalk Painted Wall Most homeowners in the Northern Virginia area wait until the warmer summertime months to begin their home remodeling projects including

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