Popular Kitchen Designs

Beautiful Country Kitchen Photo

Country Kitchen

Whenever you are entertaining a group of people at your house, the kitchen seems to be the most popular gathering spot.  This seems to be true at any party or holiday you attend or host.  It makes no difference if you live in Atlanta, Silicon Valley, or Phoenix, the magnetic attraction to “hang out” in the kitchen can’t be explained.  It just happens!

When designing you kitchen, there are no steadfast rules to follow.   It’s a blank canvass to work with. The kitchen is a room where you can let your artistic desires and personal tastes flow freely.  You don’t necessarily need a professional kitchen designer in Silicon Valley to make a splash.  Whoever installs your kitchen will have some great ideas and will also steer you away from ideas that aren’t trending.  It’s their jobs to install so they see all kinds.  Often they are surprised with the outcome and will steer people the way they like.   Use their experience to help guide you.

French Country Kitchens

Rustic charm can be a way to describe what a French Country Kitchen looks like. Keep the colors you use to soft, muted, and whitewashed variation.   Look for unique pieces to decorate the walls.  Old rural pictures make for great conversation.  Estate sales are a good place to get things like this.  There is a difference between an estate sale and a garage sale.  A good garage store can yield some great finds!  Large plank hardwood floors look great with area rugs to accent them.

Country Kitchens

A country kitchen has as much to do with the layout as it does with the decorating.  The eating area will be in the kitchen and with cabinetry around it.  Quarter sawn oak is a popular choice for cabinets.  The sink should have an industrial look to it.  Cabinets can be painted or stained depending on your preference.   Using old barn wood for the walls is a home run.  First of all, old barn wood is hard to find and comes at a premium.  The age of time is the only way it can be created.  Your buffet should have an antique look with several shelves of plate racks for kitchenware with stories behind them.  There can be chairs or barstools in the kitchen.  The barstool choice is popular.  Not always the most comfortable but easy on the eyes.  Hand whickered chairs are also a great choice.

A real conversational piece of furniture is a pie safe.  It isn’t easy to find an authentic one.  The Pennsylvanian Germans introduced them.  A pie safe was used to store bakery goods prior to ice boxes.   Often they had tin inserts with designs punched in them.  Of course you won’t use them for that purpose in your country kitchen but they make great storage cabinets.

Remember, whatever style of country kitchen you choose, try to preserve the authenticity of the decorations you have collected.  Especially the unique ones.  Don’t be afraid to change your decor as you find new pieces.  This is one style of kitchen where you can say “the older the better”.

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