Popular Garage Door Materials

Photo of fiberglass garage doors

Two Garage Doors

For most of us, the garage door was on the house when we purchased it.  If you built your home, you probably picked the door that you wanted.  If you bought an existing home, you also bought the garage door the previous owners liked.  You are confronted with an array of choices when it is time for a replacement.  The first decision is what material do want the door to be made of.

Few of us give it much thought other than to make sure our garage door is open when we drive through it and closed at night when we lockup the house. But when it comes time to replace an old worn out door in Orange County, we are suddenly confronted with many decisions regarding materials that we didn’t even know were used for garage doors. The first choice you must make is what type of material you want.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are reasonably priced, low maintenance and the most popular.  It will endure minor impacts without damage.  It is not as good an insulator as wood but you can get steel doors with added insulation.

Wood Doors

Wood is a good insulator and can be painted or stained to any preference.  They are expensive.  Painted or stained wood requires maintenance so expect to keep a fresh coat of paint or polyurethane on it.

Wood Composite

Wood Composite doors are a little more expensive than steel doors but cheaper than wood ones.  They look like wood but don’t require the maintenance that wood requires.  The composite resists cracks, splits, and rotting.  It’s priced at “mid-range” and offers the benefits of both wood and steel doors.

Vinyl and Aluminum

Vinyl and aluminum doors aren’t very popular because they; dent easily, look cheap, and don’t hold up to the weather.  The only good thing about this type of door is that it is cheap….. but you only get what you pay for in the end.


Fiberglass doors are constructed with aluminum frames and fiberglass panels.  These panels are lightweight so the weight of the door equals that of an aluminum garage door.  Some disadvantages are that they can crack in cold weather and they yellow with age.

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