Trends in Classic Landscape Design

Poolside living and landscaping

Backyard landscape

Believe it or not, your landscaping tells a lot about the home owner and their characteristics.  Few outsiders get to see the inside of your home but anyone can observe the outside.  Whether you are in New Jersey or another state, a visual creates an immediate impression.  It’s like meeting someone for the first time.  It takes just a few seconds to form an opinion.  Your landscaping is no different.

Landscape Design

One of the best ways to architect your design is to look for already completed landscaping at other homes.  This includes both mature and newly planted vegetation.   Be your own grounds keeper! The easiest and best way is to get in your car and take a ride.  In a plan of homes that is just being developed, you will see the newest and most popular style of planting.  There will always be home owners that use a professional landscaping service but there are also homeowners who do it themselves.  It’s not a difficult process to do it on your own.  One of the key elements to creating a trendy landscape is to pay attention to the type of plants, trees and shrubs that are used.  It’s kind of like buying a car or cell phone.  Nobody wants an old version but the ones that are current and get noticed.  You absolutely do not need to have a new home to make your landscape pop.  Remember, it’s the outside of the home you are designing to grab attention.  Nothing makes a house more marketable than “curb appeal”.

Creating a Tailored  Design

The undulations in your yard will play into your layout. An easy way to start your plan is to get a garden hose and lay it out in numerous ways to find what looks best.  Using a hose is ideal because it can be easily shaped and moved without disturbing your existing lawn.   Incorporating curves into your design will create a unique layout.  It not only is it unique but gives it a professional touch.  A curved sidewalk (or pavers) adds dimension to what would otherwise look cookie-cutter.  After you have decided on your design, start breaking ground around the garden hose that you placed.

Planting Selections

There are several types of plants and trees that are timeless. Most are flowering trees such as: Dogwoods (pink or white), Flowering Cherry, Flowering Apple, Flowering Crab Apple, Magnolia, Sand Cherry, and Flowering Bradford Pear.  As you can see, the common denominator is “flowering”.  New Jersey temperatures may eliminate some of these selections or dictate what will grow best. Your local nursery can help you with that. Throw a Lace Leaf Japanese Maple in there and your neighbors will be envious.  Try to plant flowering vegetation or flowers so there are not 2 of the same colors next to each other.  A little planning on where to put your vegetation is directly related to the aesthetics.  The great thing is that it doesn’t cost any more to do this!  Just a little foresight.

Final Touches

Spread mulch or stone around your planting beds.  It provides a very finished and polished look.  Mulch comes in a variety of colors and shredding types (single or double). There is a variety of stone to pick from.  There is River Rock which is brown or a Chesapeake Sea Shore Rock which is a luxurious white.  Check your local landscape supply dealer for a full variety of selections.

 Recycled Wood Fibers

The recycled wood is made up of fibers from wood mills and is held together with an exterior grade resin to form a strong and durable door panel.  The recycled fiber is very resistant to moisture and can outperform wood doors in tests of weather and time.

If your garage door is on the front of your house facing the street, other people’s eyes will focus on it as much as your front door.  Remember, the exterior is all about curb appeal.  Garage doors are made with and without windows.  Many homeowners choose a door without windows for security purposes.  The windows are usually for style.   If you think your garage door is looking dull, weathered, and beat up, consider getting a new one.  Your house will benefit from a fresh updated look in addition to increasing the value of your home.

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