Window Replacement Trends

Replacement windows


One of the most requested renovations that most Potomac area homeowners ask for or end up doing themselves is window installation. The latest trends in window replacement involve many options. So, here is a little buyer’s guide to help you choose what you want featured in your home.

Energy Efficiency

Older windows in your home are the biggest area of energy loss. Cracks, holes, and places that are not sealed well give up your heat to the outside world and let that nasty cold in. You can spend an extra hundred dollars a month on your heating bill with the wrong windows. Buying a new energy efficient window replacement for your home will end up saving you money in the long run. They even open up the opportunity for you to get an energy efficiency tax credit this year.


Beyond saving you money, window replacements offer a sleek style that looks better than what windows of that past looked like. Since there are so many benefits to buying and installing new windows in your home, many people choose to replace their old windows instead of repainting the old ones. The windows end up paying for themselves in money saved on utilities and your house looks and feels better. That is a deal.

Functional Improvements

Another problem with older windows is that they get stuck and you can not get them open. This is annoying and can make for an uncomfortable day if it is a hot one. Replace them with something new to have windows that open up easily and in all new ways. Single pane windows are what you usually see in a home. The bottom half of the windows goes up to show the world outside. A double hung window opens, not only from the bottom to the top, but from the top to the bottom. They also usually offer a way to pivot out that makes them extremely easy to clean, inside and out. Some windows include a UV coating that can help keep the harmful effects of the sun away from you and your family. The UV coating actually makes you lose a bit of the heat that the sun is sending your way.

Types of Windows

Windows can now open in different ways. If you get a horizontal slider, you will have one or two panels that slide from left to right. Only half of the window is open at once because of the design. The panels slide on a track and are great when it comes to energy efficiency. They seal tightly to not give up heat.

Double Hung

As explained before, a double hung window has two parts that move instead of one. The top can come down to open up to the outside world, or the bottom can come up like a single hung window. Make sure to find one with the ability to fold out to clean easily. This can save you hours.


A window that tilts out from the bottom is an awning window. They offer great ventilation as well as view to the world outside. Someone trying to break in would have problems getting in one of these.

A casement window, bay windows, or what is a bow-window are other choices that are available which fit perfectly in different situations.

Privacy Protection

When installing a window in the bathroom, it is important to find a window contractor that can add some privacy. You and your family do not need someone looking in from the outside. Buy windows that have shades built-in to help resolve this issue. Smart glass technology is now available that acts like transition lenses in glasses. If the sun is bright, the window darkens to stop the light from coming in. When the sun goes away, the glass turns back to normal.

With so many options to choose from, you really need to have a plan of what you want to do. Make the right choice, and you will be saving money, making your life easier, or even making the sun outside a little easier on your eyes.

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