How to Protect Windows from Bad Weather

Weather proofing

Weather Stripping

By keeping your windows protected during bad weather, you are also protecting yourself from things like broken glass. You must have your Baltimore home ready for bad weather long before it is at your door. Figuring out ways to protect your windows from mother nature can make a big difference in the damage a storm can do to your home.

If a vicious storm hits and throws something into your window, breaking it, the wind will start wreaking havoc on anything that it can blow around inside your home. If the storm is bad enough, it can end up putting pressure on the roof and pushing it up until it comes off completely.

What Weather Awaits

Winter time brings another type of weather capable of breaking your stuff. Hail storms can throw pieces of ice into your home the size of golf balls. If one of these breaks a window in your home, the winter chill will quickly bite through your home until you are able to replace the window. You should probably call a Baltimore window contractor and get things fixed.

Sealing Leaks

Finding drafts and air leaks in your home is a crucial part of making sure that it is ready for the cold weather. Even the smallest of cracks or holes can make you lose energy slowly. It is hard to find exactly where these spots are but stopping the cold air from entering and the warm air from escaping will dramatically change your heating costs.

Door Fitting

If you have a door that does not fit where it installs very well, adjusting it to fit better or replacing the door with a new one will stop the heat and energy loss that it has created. A door should seal and let no air in or out unless open.

Install Exceptional Equipment

If you are looking to buy something that you will not have to worry about in any storm, pick up a window replacement with impact glass or a security door. Built to take what a hurricane has to dish out, it will not shatter or break. The impact resistant material cuts to size and fits any custom window or door. These products would be strong enough to make it through any type of storm.


Having shutters that close can help save your windows when a storm hits. They will decorate your home until the time that you need them. Then you can quickly swing them shut in front of your window. They are not guaranteed to work, but they do a great job of putting a cushion between your window and the storm.

It is possible to make a set of shutters yourself to protect your windows. They do not have to look pretty but just have to serve the purpose of keeping things off your windows. Use plywood, metal, or any other strong material. As the bad weather comes along you can throw up your shutters to save your windows.

Avoid Taping Windows

Do not tape up your windows because it will not help much. You can, however, fasten a garbage bag around the frame of the window. Now, if the glass were to happen to shatter, the bag would hopefully keep the shards of glass together and make everyone safe.

Window Barrier

Find yourself a half-inch thick piece of marine plywood and make yourself a window barrier. The marine plywood will stand between the storm and your window reducing any possible damage.

Protecting your window installation during bad weather is easy to do, once you know which way to go. Seal up any leaks, create a barrier between the storm and your windows, or simply install the highest quality impact resistant materials to keep everyone safe.

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