How to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

Energy Efficient Windows

Natural Lighting

There are many ways that you can increase how much natural light comes into your Baltimore, Maryland home or business. By doing this, you are able to save some money on your utilities, stop your eyes from being strained, and it can have a positive psychological and physical effects. Having increase natural light in an area can cause better concentration, better moods, and even a productivity increase at work. Here are a few tips on how to get more natural light into your home.

Maximize Existing Natural Light

One of the simplest things you can do is make sure that the curtains and shades get pulled all the way back and all the way up. By moving furniture that blocks more natural light from entering, natural light will pass to the rest of the room.

Color Choices

By picking the right color of paint, you can help to show the natural light. Throughout a room you can use white or any other light color to help the room appear brighter from natural light. Painting your trim white can help in the same way.


Egyptians once used reflective dishes to change the course of natural light and direct it into areas that had little or no natural light. By placing mirrors on the opposite wall of the windows, the natural light will get redirected to other parts of the room. Moving the mirrors around may prove beneficial if you can find some good spots. Mirror tile can also be used on different parts of the room to help show natural light.

Expanded Window Installation

An expanded window is a window that spans across the wall. This installation can end up paying for itself if you put the window on the side of your house that gets the most sun. It will let large amounts of natural light pass as it warms up your entire home. Passive solar heating is the technical term for this amazing feature that helps you save money on your utilities.

Exterior Door

You can install a new front door with a large glass window to help more natural light get in your home. This will brighten up your entryway with natural light from outside. Find an elegant and thick door for style and a feeling of safety.

Sliding Glass Door

By installing a sliding glass door in your home, you will  benefit from more passive solar heating. The door will soon pay for itself through money saved on energy. This also will open up a view to the outside that everyone can enjoy. You can place a sliding glass door either where a window was in the past, or you can find a brand new hole for it.


There is no better way to introduce natural light to a space than through the help of a sky light. Seek out a tubular sky light to avoid leakage problems that sometimes come with regular sky lights. These are pretty hard to install without any experience, so you will probably need to contact a window contractor and discuss your options.

Bathroom Privacy

In the bathroom, letting in the greatest amount of light while not sharing your privacy is the goal. If a window replacement is installed low to the ground, get yourself some white frosted glass. This will allow all the sunlight to get in while letting no one see anything inside.

Maximize the light you have available, decorate with white and other light colors, or use glass to show natural light to other areas. Install a brand new expanded window, a new front door, a sliding glass door, or some sky lights to let the most natural light available in. By using a couple of these tips, you can end up making your whole house look brighter.

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